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If You’re My Roommate Don’t …

By: Christa Chappell

There are few things in life that compare to the joy of sharing a 10’x14’ room with a total stranger.  While every girl undoubtedly loves waking up to the sound of a hairdryer at seven in the morning, roommate living poses some pretty unimaginable situations.  So whether you’re looking to pass on some advice to upcoming college freshmen, or maybe you’ll be living with someone new next year, here are a few simple rules for becoming the ultimate, or at least tolerable, roommate.  So, if you’re my roommate, don’t…

1. be my mom.

While our reasons for coming to Clemson vary, we all share one thing in common – we came to college to escape our parents.  So with that being said, don’t be a mom, be a roommate.  Don’t tell me that my study habits are lazy, my party habits are destructive, my clothes are skimpy, my meals are unhealthy, and my closet is a mess.

2. be my child.

While the nagging mom roommate annoys us all, equally frustrating is the roommate who expects to be babied.  Don’t ask me to walk with you to the post office because you can’t walk across campus without a friend, don’t ask me every morning how long to cook the oatmeal for, and don’t expect me to clean up after you.  College is all about independence, so learn how to live on your one without depending entirely on someone else.

3. eat my food.

If you haven’t learned it by now, it is only a matter of time until you realize that in college, food is more valuable than just about anything else.  To be on the safe side, assume that your roommate’s food is not to be touched, no exceptions.  And believe me, I will notice when that box of Honey Bunches of Oats is opened and the Oreos are placed on the second shelf instead of the first shelf.

4. pull a Leighton Meester.

Whether you’ve seen the whole movie or just the trailer, don’t get any ideas from Leighton Meester and her crazy shenanigans as Rebecca in The Roommate.  While becoming friends with your roommate is great, don’t overcrowd your roommate.  Give your roommate space to find her own friends, her own style, and her own voice.  Also, no matter how angry you may become, it’s always best to refrain from killing your roommate in their sleep.

5. go all Nancy Drew.

No matter how tempting, refrain from prying through my desk drawers and closet.  Don’t touch my things without asking, don’t throw away my belongings, and don’t spy into my personal life.  More than likely, if you ask the answer will be yes, but don’t try to be all stealthy and sneaky because that’s just weird and creepy.



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