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Hobbies to pick up during your college years

Tired of twiddling you’re thumbs in between classes? Bored to tears of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” reruns? Glad that makes two of us! So lets stop the madness now and start a new hobby. Here are our top 6 new hobbies to pick up in college:

  1. Blogging: Okay, is it just me or does everyone and their mothers have blogs now? Whether you want to entertain the world with your humor, your fashion sense, your cooking skills, or even your cute cat, you can make a blog! Why not? Now the whole word can find out how weird you really are (or maybe that’s just me!). Who knows maybe you’ll be the next Lauren Conrad.

  1. Eno-ing: Because what’s better than hanging out in a tree? Its easy just grab some friends, maybe a book, and a pumpkin spiced latte then hang that baby up right on bowman field and you are good to go. Hours of entertainment in the form of a hammock. Also a prime people watching spot if you want to watch cute boys get competitive about a friendly game of volleyball.

  1. Crafting: “OH man! Lace shorts! I saw those on Pinterest. I bet I can make those!” HA. HA. Yeah right. Well maybe others are more artistically inclined than I am, but anytime I start a craft it never ends well. So those of you who are crafty, please be my guest (maybe make me a canvas while you’re at it). Not only will you end up with a cool new item but you also will walk away feeling rather artsy, and who doesn’t strive to be artsy?

  1. Netflix-ing: Yes I am creating verbs at this point, but this should actually be in the dictionary considering us college students are pros. Seriously if you don’t have a Netflix account get one (or bum a password off your best friend). Just think HOURS AND HOURS of ANY show you could ever want to watch are at your fingertips. This, my friends is what heaven will be like. And for those asking Netflixing (v.)- The art of finding new shows on Netflix and getting absolutely obsessed and attached.

  1. CatPainting: Have a dull picture from this weekend at the game? Why not jazz it up with a photoshopped cat! Yes this is what we (maybe just I) do for fun. Because really, what is better than a cat on your head shooting laser’s out of its eyes?

  1. Snapchatting: the art of the perfect snapchat has become a worldwide phenomenon. It takes precision and skill to correctly find the worst possible angle for your face, but trust me it is worth the pain. Nothing is better than the satisfaction of sending the most terrifying picture of yourself to all of your friends.

So now that you have something to do instead of sitting in front of your computer all day, I hope to see some great cat pictures in the near future.  







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