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Here’s What the Characters of Parks and Rec Would Do During Quarantine

Have you ever wondered what your favorite characters are handling COVID-19? Well, stop thinking about it because here’s what the Parks and Rec gang is up to!

Leslie Knope

Leslie’s binder on pandemics has made its rounds through all the relevant government circles, and it has become the gold standard. Even though she’s staying home, her department is running just as smoothly under her leadership, and she’s become famous for her Zoom happy hours. Without her commute, she’s picked up enough free time to sew masks, write letters to elderly patients in isolation, and finish up her social distancing scrapbook.


Ron Swanson

Ron has refused every single Zoom invitation he’s received, insistent that the government cannot enter his home, and social distancing has inspired him with new ways to promote inefficiencies in the government. Other than spending more time at home, his life has hardly changed. He has always been capable of living off the land, and he’s stocked bacon and toilet paper for years. Diane and the children are growing weary, but Ron’s in his element.


April Ludgate-Dwyer

April took in several foster dogs and works hard to support local shelters and adoptions. Working from home is pretty ideal for April. She hasn’t changed out of sweatpants all day, and she successfully avoids interacting with other humans until Leslie demands she attend the Zoom happy hour. Even though she’s been home this entire time, she and Andy haven’t cleaned a single dish.


Andy Dwyer

Andy honestly has no idea what’s going on. He’d already been social distancing for a week when he realized everyone else was, too. He’s been staying at home, walking Champion, and ordering pizza just like normal. Leslie keeps calling to explain, but Andy is still a little confused. He lobbied to get Mouserat on the iHeart Living Room Concert for America (they were denied, but Andy performed over Zoom anyway), and he’s been posting Johnny Karate videos on Youtube to entertain kids stuck at home.


Tom Haverford

As a self-proclaimed influencer, Tom’s been on Instagram Live every day during quarantine, keeping his followers up-to-date on what’s trending and how he’s been passing the time. He’s on the verge of going into credit card debt with all of his online shopping, but treat yo self, right?


Ann Perkins

As a nurse, Ann’s on the frontlines, and she’s doing her best to help during the crisis. Leslie texts her before and after every shift to check-in, and those strange compliments really do make her day. To make sure she doesn’t expose their family, Chris created a cleaning ritual for her to follow, and she’s pretty sure he still uses Lysol on everything she’s touched. She still can’t believe people aren’t social distancing right now!


Chris Traeger

Chris is panicking. He has his therapist, Dr. Richard Nygard, on speed dial to prevent a personal crisis, and now that he’s a father, he’s even more aware of potential pathogens. To stay safe, he runs a tight, sanitized ship. He hasn’t left the house in weeks, and he’s very careful with Ann to make sure she doesn’t expose their family after a shift. Though he’s nervous for her, he’s so proud of Ann and the work she’s doing.


Donna Meagle

Donna is concerned about her beloved Seattle and continues to support the city and those impacted. She’s joined a few of Tom’s Instagram Live sessions, but she’s all about Leslie’s Zoom happy hour. If Donna catches you not social distancing, you better keep one eye open…


Ben Wyatt

Ben’s taken this time to lean into his two primary hobbies – calzones and creating new fantasy games. He’s almost done with the successor to the Cones of Dunshire, and Leslie isn’t sure if she can eat another calzone ever again. He also just found out that everyone has been muting him during Zoom calls, so if you hear that he’s working on a stop motion film, just know he’s going through a hard time.


Jerry Gergich

Jerry has been staying home with his family, and now that the girls are quarantining at home, he and Gayle are having a lovely time. He’s taken up painting again, and he’s produced some of his most inspired work. When he feels a little stir-crazy, he and Gayle plan their next trip to Muncie, Indiana.


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