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Her Campus Clemson’s Plans For Spring Break

“Hanging out in Clemson having some “me time” and working at Patrick B. Harris Psychiatric Hospital.” -Caroline Clark, Junior


“My plans for Spring Break include: studying for the LSAT, sleeping, doing a little shopping (which is my favorite thing to do, like EVER!), and going to the gym.” -Shay Johnson, Senior


“Sleep, sleep, SLEEEEEEP. And probably study for my physics exam…“ -Emily Brooke, Freshman


“I’m going home for spring break! My dance students have a competition in my hometown over the break, and I’m so excited to be able to go. I also plan on catching up on some sleep!” -Caitlin Barkley, Junior


“Chillin at home with my family.” -Elizabeth O’Donnell


“Going to Charleston SC!” -Devon Smith, Freshman


“I will be going to Chicago with Mock Turtle Soup to take improv workshops and see shows at iO and Second City!” -Justine Polomski, Junior


“I plan on binge watching The Walking Dead and Riverdale because due to school I haven’t had time to keep up with my shows. I also plan on going to Myrtle Beach and visiting a few museums.” -Amor Gray-Williams, Freshman


“I will be traveling to Ireland to visit my best friend who is studying abroad there this semester! I am super excited to be able to celebrate St. Patty’s Day in Dublin!” -Juliana Baumann, Junior


“Going home, going on an occasional outdoorsy trip.” -Devon Finley, Freshman


“Go home and work.” -Jessica Bush, Freshman


“Camping in Florida.” -Abigail Wetzel, Junior

Hannah Fanset

Clemson '21

Hi, Everyone! I'm Hannah Fanset. I'm a sophomore from Rochester, NY, and I'm majoring in psychology and management. My favorite things are books, movies, traveling, eating good food and laughing way too loud.
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