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It’s that time of year again! Halloween party Facebook events are popping up, and you’ve got to assemble a costume. Some people start thinking of their Halloween ensemble many weeks in advance, as they can require some careful planning. If you’re on the market for a killer party look, take a look at the different genres of costumes to get some ideas!


1. Character Cosplay

The aim for cosplay is to be recognizable and detailed. If you’re going for a well-known character, do some research online for inspiration, and lean into it! This can be done individually, (Wednesday Adams), as a couple (Khaleesi and Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones), or as a group (the Incredibles). There’s nothing more impressive than a spot-on cosplay look.

Costume Ideas:

  • Taylor Swift music video looks

  • The Spice Girls

  • Cher, Dionne, and Tai from Clueless

  • The boys crew from Holes


2. Funny-Punny

I think this genre of Halloween costume has gotten increasingly popular over the last few years. This costume type is creative, easy, and hilarious. When executed perfectly, people will come up to you, easily guess what you are, and give an incredulous cringe-laugh. Most pun costumes require some crafting to make the pun abundantly clear. It’s time to whip out the old hot glue gun!

Costume Ideas:

  • Hawaiian Punch

  • Oh Dear!/Holy Cow!

  • Taco Belle

  • Reigning Cats and Dogs


3. Inanimate Objects

This is the “simple and sweet” Halloween costume genre. They’re pretty easy to conceptualize and DIY because most involve wearing a solid color. You could really put as much or as little effort into it, and partygoers will get the idea. If you’ve got a solid t-shirt and a fabric marker, you’re sure to end up with some type of object-costume!

Costume Ideas:

  • Crayon

  • Pineapple/Strawberry

  • Gumball Machine

  • Twister the game

4. Classics

If you’re looking for more of an evergreen look with timeless charm, go for a classic. Classics are extremely versatile and don’t have to conform to a specific look. If you get invited to a last-minute Halloween party, you can usually pull a classic costume out of your or your roommate’s closet. These ideas only require a couple key elements to be an archetypal example of the costume; adding more detail is up to you!

Costume Ideas:

  • Black cat

  • Pirate

  • Angel

  • Red Devil


5. Occupational

Dressing up as an occupation always rounds out a good Halloween costume pool. The best thing about occupation costumes is that they give you some character to play with and impersonate. Go around saving lives or putting out fires all night if you so desire! This is also the costume genre that tends to yield to not-so-wholesome interpretations. There’s lots of room to make edits if you so wish.


Costume Ideas:

  • Police Officer

  • Referee

  • Firefighter

  • Nurse


6. Dynamic Duos

Finally, you’ve got your dynamic duos/couples’ costumes. These are awesome to do with your significant other or best friend! You go together and pack double the punch! Plus they made fantastic social media posts!


Costume Ideas:

  • Winne the Pooh and Honey Pot

  • Wine and Cheese

  • Mario and Luigi

  • Bob Ross and Happy Little Tree


Best of luck to everyone in their Halloween costume endeavors!

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