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Get to Know This Twitter Celeb: @RulesForBelles

If you haven’t head of the widely popular blog turned southern revolution, Rules For Belles, you will soon! What started as a lifestyle blog aimed at bringing traditional and ladylike rules to a younger generation has turned in to a full blown obsession. Her twitter (@RulesForBelles) now has over 20,000 followers and her blog is more popular than ever. However, one thing I bet you didn’t know is that this lovely “anon” went to our beloved Clemson! We chatted with her recently about her time at Clemson and how her time here influenced her blog!

Her Campus Clemson: How did you choose Clemson?

RulesForBelles: Clemson wasn’t much of a choice for me really. I grew up in a family where attending Clemson was the norm. My grandfather, three of my uncles and my father all attended Clemson, as did three of my aunts by marriage. My sweet Mama was the lonesome outsider, a graduate of South Carolina. Even as a Gamecock, my Mama brought me to anything from athletic events to festivals my entire childhood. She knew that Clemson was a part of my history and was wonderful about encouraging that. For me the Clemson Family is literal and I always knew I would be a part of it.

HCC: What was your favorite part of your time here?

RFB: I’m not sure if I could narrow it down to one favorite! I loved walking through the Horseshoe in the fall when the trees turned orange and feeling the excitement of football season in the air. I loved seeing the homecoming floats actualize on Bowman Field and watching little girls in cheerleading outfits pose for pictures (just like I did). I loved being a part of Greek Life and a truly amazing sisterhood. I loved getting my Clemson ring!!! I loved seeing orange and purple sunsets while walking the dyke and knowing God loved Clemson as much as I did. I don’t think anyone could have one favorite part about Clemson and I think that is what makes it so special.

HCC: How did you get the inspiration to start your now widely popular blog?

RFB: I had a conversation with one of my sorority sisters about what would be a proper gift for the hostess of a holiday party she planned to attend. She wasn’t aware of all of our “unwritten rules” having grown up in a different part of the country and wanted to make a good impression. That conversation really stuck with me and one day when I was avoiding productivity I decided to create a blog where all of the unwritten rules could finally be documented. I had no idea it would turn into what it did! It always blows my mind that people care to read what I have to say and are so kind and loyal!!

HCC: Did your time at Clemson influence or inspire any of your rules?

RFB: To be perfectly honest, almost all of them were inspired by my time at Clemson. Whether it was something I saw on campus or conversations I had with friends, every single rule was inspired by something that happened in my life at that time. I was fortunate enough to meet many wonderful and charming young ladies at Clemson who were wonderful inspiration.

HCC: Why do you think these rules are so popular with girls across the world?

RFB: This is something that I go back and forth with constantly because honestly, I don’t know. I really think it’s because sometimes, especially in high school, having manners can be viewed as “uncool” and young girls need to be reminded that it is cool to be charming, graceful and poised regardless of what everyone else is doing. I think people are really starting to get on board with my life motto, “Manners will take you where money and education can’t.” I also think the addition of my Twitter account has let people see that you can have fun, have a big personality, go out and still hold on to those traditional values without having to sacrifice anything either way. Also- it’s clear to me, now more than ever, that everyone loves the Southern way of life and want to be a part of it!

HCC: Where do you hope to take your blog in the next few years? Could there be a book or website in the future?

RFB: I would love to develop this blog into at least one website, maybe two or three! I have been working on a couple book possibilities and am really looking forward to where all of this might go. I am an extremely ambitious person and think the sky is the limit based on the success that something I started for myself has turned into what it is now. I would love nothing more than to bring charm, poise, etiquette, gentility and grace back to the South, the rest of the world and (especially) my generation!

HCC: What advise would you give to Clemson girls in order to be as lady-like in college as possible?

RFB: 1. You absolutely do NOT have to lose sight of your morals and values to have an amazing time in college. You can go out and have a great time while still remaining a lady. 2. The internet is written in ink, not pencil, and you need to be truly mindful of every status, tweet, picture, etc. that you choose to upload. 3. Never forget that you are attending a truly special university. These are the absolute best days of your life and you will always cherish the memories you are making day in and day out. You only get to spend a few years here so do not take those precious moments for granted. 

I am one of The Rules’ faithful fans and really believe in her message that she is trying to spread to our generation. If you haven’t been to her site go over and check it out and spread the Clemson and HerCampus love! As The Rules would say, “Stay Southern y’all!”

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