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Fun Fall Break Getaways


We’ve made it almost halfway through the semester and getting back into the grove of school work after a long, relaxing summer isn’t always the easiest transition.  However, as we spent the whole month of September awaiting fall sweaters, pumpkins spice lattes, and Halloween movies on TV, the changing of the leaves brings with it something else exciting- Fall Break!

This year our glorious days off fall from the afternoon of Friday October 11th to Tuesday 15th, with classes starting up again on that Wednesday.  So where are you going to spend this mini-vacation?

Before we talk about travel options let’s remember that there IS a game in Death Valley that Saturday (the 12th) against Boston College, so I guess you could say your break really starts on Sunday.  Don’t skip this game! Clemson fans love football and our Tigers, we’re all Clemson fans, you get where I’m going with this…

But where to go to actually take advantage of this extra time off?

For the cowboy boot wearin’ Southern girl-


Country music and cowboy boots! There’s so much fun stuff to do in Nashville, and if you’re feeling adventurous and want to take a road trip, this is the place to go.     

Also the chances of you running into Luke Bryan are high, and since he isn’t coming to Clemson again this year (I know we’re all still bitter) we’ve become the desperate fans that need to seek him out.

Just kidding.

For the artsy hipster chick-

Charleston South Carolina or Savannah, Georgia

Both of these cities are some of my favorite places that I’ve visited.  Filled with antique art and a history behind every building, you could wander the streets of either place for house and always be fascinated.  The two encompass the meaning of the phrase “charm of the South”.  Not to mention the restaurants and coffee shops are adorable; what artsy girl doesn’t love a good not-Starbucks coffee shop?

For the bold girl looking for a new kind of vibe-

New Orleans

Jazz. Old south. Jambalaya. Masquerades.  Street Carnivals.  Mardi Gras. Ok I know I’m getting carried away, but the spirit of New Orleans is so exciting that I couldn’t help it.  New Orleans is a place all its own, with its own feel, people, and culture unlike any of the other places on this list.  New Orleans is going to be the unconventional pick for Fall Break, but one that will be well worth it.  If you’re looking for something new and exciting to do for your trip, and want to come back with unmatchable stories about the things you saw and did, you’ll want to make the exploratory trip to Louisiana.       

For the warm weather lover who isn’t ready to give up summer yet-

Hilton Head Island

It’s ok if you’re not ready to put your bikini away and trade in your tank tops for fall sweaters, no matter how cute they are.  We are still in the South and the weather is warm (though it is October), so you’re last chance to snag the remains of summer is now before you’re forced to jump on the apple-picking-in-boots bandwagon. Even if you’re at the beach in a sweatshirt and shorts, it’s still the beach, one of the most relaxing vacation spots there is, and you know with midterms coming up, you definitely need to stock up on your inner TLC time while you can.     

For the “party all-nighter from South Carolina”-

Jason Aldean wants you to go visit a friend you’re missing at another college

This is a cheap, easy, and fun packed fall break trip.  Maybe you don’t need a long car ride or an elaborate trip to enjoy your fall break.  Go visit a friend and get your little piece of home by reconnecting with someone and seeing where they live.  Possibilities are endless; Auburn, UGA, South Carolina, UNC, you name it.  They’re not all on Fall Break, so you can experience the school while still taking your time off, not to mention your friend will love that you came to visit.  

For the homebody who’s been missing her dog-


It’s free, and mom and dad love you.  Hopefully enough to cook all of your meals or let a restaurant do it for all of you. Yum.  Maybe they’ll be so happy you came home to see them that they’ll take you to one of these places!

Wherever y’all end up choosing to spend your fall break this semester, take advantage of it and have fun!  There’s no better way to embrace the fall spirit than by getting out, enjoying the beautiful Clemson orange leaves and relaxing. 


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