Five Reasons to Binge Santa Clarita Diet Right Now!

Are you in the mood for fun, lighthearted zombie programming that you can stream from the comfort of your bed while procrastinating? If so, I have the perfect show for you! Santa Clarita Diet joined the large, prosperous family of Netflix Originals in 2017, and the last three seasons are killer (get it?). Here are five reasons why you should binge this show immediately.

1. Zombies can be bloody - and fun!

Sheila can be in the middle of a grisly murder, and somehow, you’re laughing! Honestly, Sheila’s best one-liners come out when she’s covered in blood. This balance between gore and humor makes the show an easy, fun watch that you can enjoy without deep emotional investment of gut-wrenching twists. You get all the edgy angst of zombies wrapped up in a fun, sitcom package!

2. The new season just dropped!

Instead of binging two seasons, you can now binge three seasons. The newest season only dropped a few weeks ago, so it’s as fresh as Sheila’s latest corpse! Plus, this is a prime time to engage with other fans as you enjoy the new season together. Warning: Tumblr has some serious thoughts on Season 3.

3. Sheila and Joel are Couple Goals

Sheila and Joel are my definition of “couple goals.” Their relationship is built on decades of respect, communication, and trust, and even as they go through life-changing events, they don’t lose sight of that. This new journey obviously changes them, but watching them grow together is a prime example of a supportive relationship.  

4. It's hilarious

If I haven’t said this enough, I’ll say it again – this show is funny. Plus, it only seems to get funnier as we go on! The show found its groove, and I’m so happy.

5. There's always a new problem to solve

her new diet. But beyond that, their family has many of the same challenges most families face (with the added element of a zombie mom), and that can be the best part! I love watching Abby embrace her inner strength and become a badass.

PS. I studied abroad in Serbia, so I get excited every time they bring it up!