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Creative Dining Hall Options

I know we all get tired of eating the same food everyday in the dining halls. Even though they change it up a little everyday, it all seems a little too similar by this point in the year (or maybe a few months ago). Here are some ideas that are out of the box for those nights that you don’t see anything you like or can’t possibly eat any more pork. These are pretty much right under your nose you just never thought to get a little creative!


Pizza Bagel


Although the bagels don’t meet my New Jersey bagel standards (if you’ve never had one they’re life changing) but they’re not half bad like this. There are always bagels out and you can ask the person working at the pasta station for some sauce. Then I usually take some of the mozzarella cheese from the salad bar but if it’s one of those disappointing days they have cheddar you can get some from the sandwich station and then just toast it!


Asian Style Salad


I’m not a sushi lover but this might be a great option for those of you who are! You’ll have to wait for a day where they’re serving rice or you may be able to take some from the stir-fry bar. Mix the rice, cucumbers and edamame (from the salad bar) and some soy sauce that should be by stir-fry or the other condiments and enjoy! You could even add in some of those crunchy noodles from the salad bar too!


Chicken Parmesan


I don’t know about you but one of the things I miss most about my mom’s cooking is the Italian food. It’s very rare that I have seen the dining halls actually make this dish but now you can! Take one of the chicken patties from the grill and then utilize the sauce and mozzarella cheese again and add a little parmesan cheese to the top!


Ice Cream Sandwich


If you have ever eaten in our dining halls you know the cookies are one of the best things they have especially when they come right out of the oven. Grab 2 cookies and a scoop or ice cream or a little of the frozen yogurt and make a homemade ice cream sandwich!




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