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Clemson’s Greek Life Dominican Republic Trip

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Clemson chapter.


Fraternity and Sorority Life is excited to offer the opportunity to host our 4th annual service trip to the Dominican Republic to support the work of Cambiando Vidas in building a home for a Dominican family. The trip for 2013 will take place 12/14 – 12/21.

The organization builds small, safe, affordable, concrete-block homes that are strong enough to survive hurricane-force storms.  In addition to providing capital and labor, international build teams work hand in hand with the recipient families and community volunteers who provide much of the “sweat equity”.  By the end of the week-long build this unique mixing of concrete, people, and cultures reveals that people are more alike than different, and that a house is much more than a collection of concrete, metal, and wood. Members of the Clemson Fraternity and Sorority Community travel to the DR to help with the build of one home for a designated family. Students will have the opportunity to interact with and build with local families and community members as well as experience Dominican culture.

We require an application because a limited number of spots that are available and the process is highly competitive, so please be thoughtful in your responses. Students are responsible for raising the $1,200 trip cost which covers accommodation, meals and assists with the building materials. Additionally, airfare (approx. $650) and other costs such as baggage fees or airport travel may be required. Students will have the opportunity to arrange fundraising opportunities to subsidize the cost of the trip and airfare. The trip cost will be due in increments leading up to the trip. Two Clemson staff members will accompany the group.  Several pre-trip meetings will be held to cover logistics, discuss any important travel concerns (i.e. vaccinations), etc. These meetings are required and upon selection the dates will be shared with the students.

Applications will open on April 1st and can be found here: https://stuaff.clemson.edu/for…

Applications are due Wednesday, 4/17 by 4:00pm with a $300 deposit. If you are not selected we will return your deposit. Please drop off all deposits to the 703 University Union Suite to Lynn Tumblin. You can make checks payable to Greek Programming Board. Please include your name in the “memo” section of the check.

If you have questions please contact Annemarie Weekley, Greek Programming Board Director of Philanthropy, at aweekle@clemson.edu


*Information Provided by Clemson’s Greek Programming Board