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Brian Murphy ’14

Major: Communication Studies
Minor: Political Science
Hometown: Hingham, MA
Relationship Status: Single (and looking!)

Why He Came to Clemson: I wanted a big school, in a warm place, out of Massachusetts. I wanted to go somewhere different than everyone I went to high school with and loved the school spirit at Clemson!

Campus Involvement: I am in Alpha Sigma Phi, Order of Omega, on the IFC Judicial Board, a Welcome Leader, involved with Dance Marathon, Students helping Honduras (going on a mission trip this winter), and I also write for Her Campus!

Advice for Freshman girls: “Don’t be so naïve!” Don’t make your mind up about anything too quickly. Always have an open mind and try everything you can!

Favorite Part About Studying Abroad in Florence, Italy: Having the free time to do whatever I wanted!

Best Place(s) He Visited While Abroad: I spent my birthday raging in Barcelona and all of Spring Break in Santorini, Greece!

Favorite Drink: Clemson Good Night @ TD’s

What He Looks for in a Girl: I look for a girl who has a sense of humor and good life goals. She knows how to take action and is sweet and nice as well.

Biggest Turn-offs: I am completely turned off by a girl who is stuck-up or who, very early into dating, expects you to treat her like a princess!

If He Had to Describe Himself in 3 Words: Animated, sweet, and a gentleman

People Would be Surprised to Know That… I am not as crazy as I sound on the Internet!

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