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Brett Hester ’13

Major: Chemistry (BS) 
Minor: Physics
Hometown: Marion, SC
Relationship Status: Taken

Why you came to Clemson:
I grew up a big Tiger fan. Both of my parents went here, and we have had season football tickets my whole life. Clemson is also the best in-state option for a science degree, so the choice was easy.

Campus involvement:
Brother and officer in Lambda Chi Alpha

What you hope to do with your degree:
I plan to pursue a graduate degree in Chemistry, and use it to work in a research and development branch of a company or possible become a professor at a university.

3 things every freshman should know:
1) Your classes only get harder every semester, so live it up while you can. 2) Leisure skill classes sound like fun, but they are just a big pain to go to. 3) Don’t rob yourself of a true college experience by being afraid to meet new people or try new things.

If you could date a Disney princess, which one would it be and why?
I guess Ariel because I love the beach and the ocean, but the being a mermaid thing could present issues.

Current song on repeat:
Cruise- Florida Georgia Line

Clemson girls are the best because….
Not only are they very easy on the eyes, but they had the brains to get into, and go to, one of the best universities in the country.

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