Beauty Gurus You Should Subscribe to ASAP

I am a huge fan of beauty Youtubers. Sometimes, I put on videos just for background noise while studying, and other times, I'm captivated by the investigation on whether or not a foundation lasts all day. Yes, there are scandals, and drama channels live to report on the crazy things Youtubers do. But don't write them off just yet. 

Here are some Youtubers I absolutely adore, and who knows? You might just find your new favorite Youtuber!

  1. 1. RawBeautyChristi

    If you want some relatable content with a hilarious host, look no further than RawBeautyChristi's channel! She's not afraid to play around with new makeup looks or step out of the neutral zone, but she still has a ton of tutorials and tricks up her sleeve to share with the average makeup user. Her investigation into Jaclyn Hill's lipsticks is thorough and insightful while still being entertaining. Christi doesn't just show you a flawless life on Instagram. She's real with her followers, and I appreciate that. 

  2. 2. RachhLoves

    RachhLoves proves that the Canadian stereotype is right. If all Canadians are like Rach, they're sweet, compassionate, funny, and absolutely adorable. Rach loves to stay comfy, and honestly, when she begins her video by saying she's in her pajamas, I relate so hard because I'm watching her videos in my pajamas! She's very thorough with her makeup tests, and I trust her reviews. If I could make a batch of cookies for any YouTubers, it would be her. 

  3. 3. Allie Glines

    Allie is incredibly involved with her subscribers and frequently contacts them to find test out new products. You know when you're reading a magazine article that ranks beauty products and wonder if the products are actually worth the hype? Well, Allie finds out! I fully trust Allie's recommendations and actually found a few of my favorite products through her videos. Plus, you have to love that, when she says she's "assessing the situation," she's just applying more bronzer. 

  4. 4. Casey Holmes

    How does Casey do it? She's a new mom, a full-time YouTuber, and owner of an adorable online boutique, Rosie Daze. This Georgia girl knows a good product when she sees it, and she's not afraid to admit that's she's a matte, full-coverage girl. Her channel balances easy, fast looks that teach you new tricks with in-depth product reviews. Plus, she has ties to Clemson, so what's not to love?

  5. 5. Tati Westbrook

    Scandals or not, Tati Westbrook is an amazing beauty guru. She's not afraid to tell you if a product's terrible, even if she gets some backlash, and I respect that. The only brand she's not unbiased about? Her own! Tati owns two successful companies - Halo Beauty, a vitamin company, and Tati Beauty, a makeup line. Recently, Tati's been more vocal about her endometriosis, and I am sending my full support. I've been a subscriber since high school, and I don't see myself going anywhere any time soon?

  6. 6. Jackie Aina

    Just thinking about Jackie's name, I have her "Jackie, Jackie, Jackie" song stuck in my head. She's beautiful, talented, and funnier than a lot of professional comedians. I admire her activism within the beauty community as she calls attention to injustices and discrimination, and she's even worked with brand to address subpar color ranges that isolate women with darker skintones. 

  7. 7. NikkieTutorials

    Could I even make this list without mentioning Queen Nikkie? Not if I want to step near highlighter again! 

    Nikkie is an O.G. beauty YouTuber, and she's still killing it! Her channel is full of bold makeup looks, helpful tutorial, and hilarious challenges. Following her powerful coming out video, it's even clearer that she's a powerhouse destined to do amazing things.