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If you haven’t seen Queer Eye on Netflix yet, do yourself a favor. It’s a slippery slope, and soon, you’ll picture yourself on an episode getting a full-fledged life improvement. You’ll have fallen so far down the rabbit hole of The Fab Five on social media that you feel like you know them.


The Fab Five are all wonderful, talented men in their own ways, but Antoni Porowski has stolen far too many hearts with his smooth voice and Polish-Canadian charm. Antoni is a beautiful specimen with his soft, dark eyes and a smile that curls at the edges. He has a good heart and absolutely loves his job: coming into a person’s life to make it better.


He was born in Montreal to Polish immigrant parents, grew up in West Virginia, and has lived in New York City for eight years. Prior to his work on Queer Eye, Antoni did some acting in movies such as Elliot Loves and The Pretenders and landed a role on The Blacklist. He was also in a short film that was part of the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. In December 2017, he booked his role on the reboot of Queer Eye to air in February 2018.


Antoni is the “food and wine” expert on Queer Eye who teaches the makeover subject how to make a dish for guests that is tailored to their lifestyle and preferences. Porowski is passionate about cooking and entertaining and was once a personal chef to Ted Allen, the original Queer Eye “foodie.” In October of this year, he opened a restaurant called the Village Den in the West Village of NYC featuring healthy, guilt-free food “at the corner of vegan and paleo.”


I highly recommend a deep Internet dive into the world of Antoni Porowski.  He was recently on Late Night with Seth Meyers demonstrating a couple of his recipes from the Village Den. Prepare to revel in his sassiness with Seth and hear him say the word “effiloché” in his Canadian-French. Antoni is an absolute man-dime, and I will definitely be checking out his new cookbook with hopes that it’s exclusively photos of him eating avocado toast in his kitchen.

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