Adventures Near Clemson to Spice Up Boring Days

Being bored and alone in a small college town like Clemson can leave you feeling down and sluggish. For me, Sundays are especially frustrating, and that’s because everyone is either taking a much needed day of TLC after game day and a night out, or they’re facing the infamous Sunday Scaries! It can seem like there’s nothing to do (nothing that’s free and fun, anyway).

But you are mistaken! I have compiled a list of some of my very favorite (and free, might I add) activities, perfect for a Sunday when you’re not feeling quite so lazy.

After some very in-depth research of Clemson’s best swimming and hiking spots, consisting of a few trespassing incidents and getting lost more times than I can count, I have discovered some gems. I absolutely adore the AllTrails app, which has helped me many times to find my way out of the woods. On this free app, you can search any trail network near you and download a map, it’s a great resource no matter where you live!

  1. 1. The Old Quarry

    I’m sure, if you are a Clemson student, you've heard of the secret beach heading towards the pier. My favorite secret spot is a little farther out, but definitely worth the 10 minutes! The old quarry, located right behind the Pickens Shooting Range, is both a gorgeous hike and a great place to take a dip. It’s relatively secluded and is a pleasant place to spend a day with a group of your best buddies or by yourself soaking up some nature. Try taking a book and spending a few hours out on the little peninsula.

  2. 2. Issaqueena Trails

    Not so much a ~hidden~ gem, but a gem nonetheless, is Issaqueena Trails. Located on Lake Issaqueena in Central, SC, this network of gorgeous trails is only a 10-minute drive from campus. Whether you want to spend all day in the woods, or just make a short 2 hour trip around the edge of the lake, Issaqueena has it all. My roommate and I try to make it out there every Sunday to try a new trail! This will bring you to the website where you'll find the location and trail map for Issaqueena Lake Trails.

  3. 3. Chau Ram County Park

    A little farther away, you can find the Chau Ram County Park. I have never seen anyone else here, and I’m not sure why because it is such a lovely little river spot. It’s pretty open, so you can swim, Eno, make a fire, or just do whatever! You can hang out on the banks of the river or try out the more extensive and challenging hike that’s filled with vibrant and beautiful wildlife. Here's a link so you can check it out for yourself!

  4. 4. The Botanical Gardens, the Bob Campbell Geology Museum, and the on-campus Campbell Museum of Natural History

    The Botanical Gardens, the Bob Campbell Geology Museum, and the on-campus Campbell Museum of Natural History are way overlooked and an awesome little adventure. Of all the times I’ve been to the Botanical Gardens, I still have yet to explore it all. Without a map, you’d never realize just how large it is and how many different ecosystems you can check out.

     The CMNH is, albeit, a little creepy, but is definitely a neat place to check out if you’re on campus and have nothing else to do. I like to spend time there studying for my Field Botany quizzes between classes.

  5. 5. Wandering Down College Avenue

    Wandering down College Avenue is another way to spend some downtime. There are so many stores and restaurants to check out, and of course the delightful trek through the Larry W. Abernathy Waterfront Park. This little stretch of wooded trails is one of my top places to go that’s right near campus. It’s so easy to get immersed in the greenery and the draping purple wisteria flowers that you forget all about the school that lies not even a mile down the road.

  6. 6. Clemson Farmer's Market

    If you’re looking for some yummy fresh veggies, or just for a nice, aesthetic walk, check out the Clemson Farmers Market every Thursday, or the Student Organic Farm farmers market every Friday. To me, nothing is better than strolling through aisles of delicious, farm-fresh products and picking out a little something for a delicious dinner. Here, you can find some more information about the location and time of the farmers market, as well as what they'll have each week.

  7. 7. Finding Some Peace on Campus

    Another favorite of mine is plopping down outside in a peaceful spot, pulling out my laptop and channeling my energy into some awesome HerCampus articles! ;) 12/10 recommend to every girl out there, it’s such a great and fun way to forget about homework and focus on something you love.

I hope you’ll try these out next time you’re restless and lying in bed on a Sunday - or any other day that you feel inspired to get out and about! As everyone knows, school can be stressful, and sometimes, grabbing your friends or your furry pal and going on an adventure can be just the right thing to relieve some of it.