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8am’s: The Struggle Can Be Less Real

8am’s: The struggle can be less real

At this point in the semester all of us are feeling that “final-semester slump.” 
Thanksgiving is over, there’s just a couple more weeks (that feel like months) until 
Christmas break, and we are stuck in an awkward and annoying limbo full of projects, 
due dates, and exams. It’s hard enough to force ourselves to go to the library and get 
work done, much less wake up for our earliest classes or finals: the dreaded 8ams. You might 
find yourself hitting snooze even more often than usual, and sometimes enough 
times to sleep right through that 8am, which is the worst when attendance is 
mandatory. So, here’s some tips to get an earlier start and feel more motivated to 
turn your alarm off, get up, and get your day started with some gifs of what happens when you don’t follow these:
1. Set your alarm fifteen minutes earlier than usual.
This will give your body a little bit longer to wake up
and adjust to the idea that its time to get up. 
2. Set out your clothes the night before.
It might seem childish, but trust me the 
last thing you want to do in the morning is figure out what you’re going to 
wear the next day.
3. Set up your breakfast the night before.
Breakfast is the most important meal 
of the day-don’t skip it!! Whether it’s leaving a granola bar on the counter to 
grab on your way out the door, or putting a bowl and cereal box out to be 
made, look out for yourself! Your morning self will thank you later, because 
she’s going to be too tired to do it herself.
4. Go to bed a little earlier.
Yes its college and yes I sound like a mom but it’s 
true. The nights I go to bed at 2am because I was watching OITNB make it 
10x harder to wake up than the nights I go to bed before midnight because I 
know I need the sleep.
5. Try to maintain a positive attitude!
Look in the mirror and tell yourself it’s 
going to be a great day. Ignore those circles under your eyes; you’re 
beautiful! Imagine you’re the Bey of Clemson and get strutting to class!
If all else fails, just remind yourself that you are at a Top 20 school getting the 
educational opportunity of a lifetime, who wouldn’t want to wake up for that? ;)
Rise and shine ladies!
I am a Psychology major. I was Maryland born and raised. I love soccer, the beach, and making Her Campus part of my Clemson story!
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