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8 Signs You’re the “Short Friend”

8 Signs you’re the “Short friend”

1. When you would really just like a glass of water but all the cups are in the 
cabinets up high and out of your reach
2. When your friends ruin your cute Instagram captions of you all together
3. When your friends say things like “It’s like you live in a whole different world 
down there!”
4. You’re the permanent armrest. It’s not even worth trying to fight it.
5. You’re constantly asking them to “wait up!” Seriously, every time they take a 
step your little legs have to take 3 to keep up. It’s exhausting.
6. Your friends tell you that you’re so “cute” and “little”. 
7. Whenever you’re angry they can’t take you seriously, especially because you 
have to look up to talk to them. Let’s be honest, it’s just not intimidating.
8. You have a enough little struggles to make a list of them.
There always has to be one short friend, you may as well embrace it! After all, who 
else would they laugh at if you weren’t there?
I am a Psychology major. I was Maryland born and raised. I love soccer, the beach, and making Her Campus part of my Clemson story!
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