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Winter break is coming up, meaning you’ll inevitably be spending time traveling independently or stuck in a Chrysler minivan with your family members for an alarming amount of time. Either way, it’s the perfect opportunity to listen to some hour-long specials on Spotify! If you’re a big stand-up comedy fan, here are some of my favorite albums available on Spotify if you haven’t heard them yet:


1. John Mulaney- New In Town

2. Maria Bamford- Ask Me About My New God

3. Pete Holmes- Faces and Sounds

4. Hannibal Buress- Live from Chicago (2014)

5. Aparna Nancharla- Just Putting It Out There

6. Mike Birbiglia- Sleepwalk With Me Live

7. Kumail Nanjiani- Beta Male

8. Bo Burnham- what.​


Hi, I'm Justine! I'm a senior Health Administration student with fun-mom-energy and a spunky personality! Likes: improv comedy, breakfast sandwiches, thrift stores, plush throws, complex salads Dislikes: moral dilemmas, American cheese, wet countertops, physical competitions
Hannah Fanset

Clemson '21

Hi, Everyone! I'm Hannah Fanset. I'm a sophomore from Rochester, NY, and I'm majoring in psychology and management. My favorite things are books, movies, traveling, eating good food and laughing way too loud.