The 5 Best Places to Study on the Clemson Campus

1. The Amphitheater

Although there are no spots to plug anything in, on a nice day, the amphitheater’s a great place to catch some sun and work on schoolwork.

2. The Botanical Gardens

There are also no places to plug anything in, but there are hundreds of places to hang out and study. Get away from the everyday scene on campus, and see some beautiful gardens and ponds.

3. Cooper Library

A place that everyone goes to study, Cooper library is never a bad choice if it's a rainy day or you don’t mind studying without a view. You can reserve rooms or go down floors to find the perfect noise level for your studying needs.


4. Bowman Field

In front of Tillman hall, it’s a convenient and great place to set out a blanket and study. Depending on the day, however, you might get hit in the head with a football or licked by a dog.

5. Downtown

There are lots of places to study downtown including All In, Spill the Beans, Firehouse, etc. Choosing the right place for your specific studying needs is key, but you’re sure to find somewhere that fits your needs.