4 Ways to Help During a Hurricane

For much of the southeast, Hurricane Florence dominates the conversation, including on Clemson’s campus. While Clemson students may be watching their email for confirmation of canceled classes, it’s important to recognize that Florence poses a lot more danger than a disrupted syllabus. Thousands of people have already been evacuated, and you can make a difference by opening your heart and helping out.

1. Donate

If you can, try to donate necessities to local shelters or larger organizations like the American Red Cross. Often, organizations are looking for items like water bottles and nonperishable food, but if you’re unsure, you can always call ahead and ask for information. To help you find a cause, check out this list of charities, and look to your community to get involved.

2. Stay Informed

You can only prepare if you know what you’re preparing for. The Weather Channel is an excellent resource, and for essential weather alerts, sign up for CU Alerts. Keep other areas on your radar if you are concerned about family or friends.

3. Reach Out

Don’t be afraid to reach out to family, friends, and other loved ones. You never know when someone needs emotional support, advice, or even a futon to crash one while they wait out the storm.

4. Be Respectful

I know it’s tempting to cope with humor (read: memes), but just make sure you stay respectful. What’s funny to you may hurt someone else suffering because of Hurricane Florence.