33 Questions Clemson Students Have

1.     Will I find parking today?

2.     Is living in a dorm room worth not having to try and find parking every day?

3.     Can I swim across the reflection pond to avoid Library Bridge?

4.     Why don’t I have a hoverboard like all the football players?

5.     How do I dress for 30 degree temperature changes throughout the day?

6.     Why doesn’t my math teacher speak English?

7.     Will the Catbus ever be on time?

8.     Will today be the day eduroam doesn’t crash?

9.     Or blackboard?

10. Or the ticket website? (Gray means no tickets in that section available)

11. How do virtual waiting rooms exist?

12. Did anyone think it was possible for a waiting room to actual be worse than Redferns?

13. What free item will I get on Library Bridge today?

14. What will I be asked to buy on Library Bridge today?

15. How many construction sites will I walk past on the way to class?

16. Do you even know what this building is going to be used for?

17. Was that one here yesterday?

18. Will Harcombe have chocolate chip cookies today?

19. Why can I never find an outlet for my computer?

20. Who thought the desks in Daniel were a good idea?

21. Is that girl actually wearing shorts under her oversized t-shirt?

22. Why would anyone think Chacos are a good fashion choice?

23. Who cares if they’re comfy?

24. Is it really yours if it isn’t monogrammed?

25. Does anyone else miss Dabo Duck?

26. How does it feel to be ranked below us in the playoff poll rankings?

27. Why are you talking on the first floor of the library?

28. Will it ever stop raining?

29. What did we do to deserve rain on game day again this week?

30. How did I even survive Halloweek?

31. Who thought it was a good idea going out 5 days in a row?

32. Why do I have to graduate?

33. Could I go to a better university? No the answers no.