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3 Reasons Why I Think Cats Are The Best Pets

I’m sure you’re reading this thinking that I’m a crazy cat lady, or that your pet is the best. You could be right about both of those, but I’m here to give you a couple of reasons why I think cats are the best pets. 

THEY LOVE TO CUDDLE (some of them lol)

I have two cats, Pepper and Buddy. Buddy LOVES to cuddle! Most of the time when I go to sit on the couch, Buddy comes to greet and lay on me or beside me. Pepper, not so much, but she will lay between my legs under the covers in bed. But seriously, who doesn’t love a cuddly cat?


In my opinion, I have two really adorable kitties. They are super cute when they’re sleeping and super cute when they are playing. My cats love to play with each other, run down the hall, and also play with their toys. My cat Pepper loves to play with ice and the laser pointer. 


I also have a dog, and honestly, I hate having to take her outside (I know that sounds horrible, but I don’t like doing it). I love that you don’t have to take cats outside. You do have to clean their box, but at least you don’t have to do that as much as taking the dog outside!

I absolutely love cats, and I don’t mind dogs. I’m just more of a cat person! Maybe with the reasons I gave, you’ll go purchase a cat or give your own cat some love!


Morgan Wagner

Clemson '21

I'm a Senior Management major at Clemson University. I am currently apart of Women in Business, Campus Trendsetters through Her Campus, and attend FCA. I am from Greenville, SC and in my free time I enjoy spending time with friends and family, loving on my two cats, and watching Netflix!
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