13 Things I Didn't Know Existed Before Moving To The South

1) BBQ: I thought a bbq was a family get-together in the summer or something you were cooking on the grill

2) Norts: Soffees prevailed and if someone did have Nike shorts they were just called running shorts. Don’t worry, I have realized norts are better.

3) Back Roads: I love that there really are still dirt roads and one-lane roads through the woods and farms and that everything isn’t developed

4) Seersucker: Would not have ever had a guess of what this would have been


5) Trailer Parks: That might make me really sheltered but they definitely don’t exist where I’m from. I thought they were few and far between and had never seen them in person. 

6) Ring by Spring: Definitely have developed a love hate relationship with the weekly engagement announcements I see from my Clemson friends (but none of my friends from home)


7) So much land: My .3 acre land that my house is on at home was always one of the bigger yards of my friends. Here that is tiny


8) Meat and Three: Really don’t know how I will live without this and will certainly go into withdrawals back in NJ. Also had no idea what half the foods that are offered with this were. Can’t say I’m a fan of Fried Okra yet though.

9) Muddin: I still have not done this but it needs to happen before graduation. Sounds like so much fun and definitely would not have somewhere to do it at home. Also don’t know anyone that owns a pick up truck up north.

10) Farm Animals: Really did not know that average families owned farm animals and not just people that were career farmers. Would not know how to take care of them but it would be pretty cool to have chickens in the back yard.

11) Fixin’: I just keep learning new uses for this word. It can mean side orders like mashed potatoes or mac and cheese. It could also be that you want to do something like “I’m fixin’ to go to the movies.” Also means that you are fixing something that is broken. Who knew!!

12) College Football: Of course I knew this existed, but nothing can prepare you for your first game day experience. I could never have expected the level of tailgating, amount of people that come out, and the incredible memories that I have made at the games.

13) Frocket: I was so confused why everyone wanted the design on the back of their shirt and not the front where everyone could see it. But you better believe I now own more of these than I know what to do with. 

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