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11 Stages of Group Spring Break Plans as told by Friends

The 11 Stages of Group Spring Break Plans as told by Friends

Everyone knows the struggle of group planning especially for spring break….here we go…


  1. Someone mentions off-handedly “Hey guys we should do something fun for Spring Break”


  1. Everyone laughs and looks at each other



  1. You realize “hey that sounds like fun, we should actually do that”


  1. Next thing you know, everyone’s jumping around yelling about how “we’re gonna go to PCB WOOHOO”


  1. You call your mom and tell her you have a life and will no longer be coming home



  1. Everyone sits down and starts to plan


  1. Everyone slowly starts to realize they’re broke, they can’t decide how to get there, and everything slowly starts to unravel


  1. PCB? Woohoo…?


  1. One by one everyone starts to say they can’t go & the topic is dropped entirely


  1. You have to call your mom to tell her you don’t have a life after all


  1. Spring Break comes, and there you are just like every other year, on your couch watching Netflix



Don’t worry, even if your spring break plans didn’t come through at least you can watch Fuller House, stuff your face, and stalk everyones picturess on IG who actually got their crap together. ;)

I am a Psychology major. I was Maryland born and raised. I love soccer, the beach, and making Her Campus part of my Clemson story!
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