10 Stickers You Had No Idea You Needed Until Now

Recently a website has come to light and it has never been so hard not to buy something in my entire life. Guilty as charged, I’ve already spent $10 on stickers from Redbubble, an “online art community featuring wall art, design, photography and t-shirts by artists worldwide.” With “uncommon designs by over 350,000 members,” the possibilities are endless! They have so many different sizes ranging from small enough for a laptop to large enough for your wall. Also, they have a promotion if you buy 6 small sized stickers, you will get 50% off. What a steal! Without further ado, here’s 10 stickers you had no idea you needed.


Dabbin Squidward


$3.63 - $19.26

Who wouldn’t want this sticker on their laptop? For all those who haven’t seen the video of this famous squidward dabbin moment, watch it here!


Bernie Skateboarding

$2.64 - $14.00

We all officially know that Bernie is the majority of millennials favorite candidate. Why not put an awesome Bernie skateboarding sticker on your notebook? He’ll fight for your rights and look awesome doing it!


Namast’ay In Bed


This one is definitely relevant for those of us who have early classes. Let’s hope you don’t miss too many classes this semester! We all know there’s no reason to get up 3 hours early to do our hair and makeup anymore. It’s crazy to think I would wake up at 6 in high school just to put makeup on. Now the world is lucky if I even manage to brush my hair. This one is definitely for those committed to their bed for life.


I Got Out of Bed Today

$3.08 - $7.00

This one is for those above that ended up actually getting out of bed. We all need a little bit of motivation, so why not this cute little sticker? Getting out of bed this semester at 9AM after closing at work at 3AM, I wish I had this cute little sticker to give me that extra drive.


Help Me, I’m Poor

$2.86 - $6.50

Basically what we wish financial aid would understand. Bridesmaids is one of the best movies to quote; there is a line for every situation in life. You might need to invest in this sticker post-finals after you’ve spent way too much at the bars downtown...or maybe you shouldn’t buy it. We’ll worry about our money problems later!


Reflections in Mirror

$2.64 - $10.00

This is definitely a favorite of mine! Beauty is whatever you think it is! Don’t fall into the trap of your lips must be like Kylie Jenner’s (her lips don’t even look like that!) or have the perfect body. You are perfect the way you are. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!


Lil Sebastian

$2.64 - $10.00

All hail our favorite mini-horse! Li’l Sebastian will forever be missed in the great town of Pawnee, but never forgotten. Am I the only one really sad that I never got to attend the Pawnee Harvest Festival? I would love to have met the famous mini-horse….and Andy Dwyer, of course…


No Prob-Llama

$2.53 - $9.56

Have finals every day on finals week? No Prob-llama. Woke up late? No Prob-llama. Haven’t washed your hair in a few days? No-Prob-llama. Everything is okay, and you will be too. As soon as you’re faced with a tough situation, just look at your no prob-llama sticker and everything will be okay again.


You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don’t Take

$2.64 - $6.00

We all need a little bit of motivation, and who other to give it to us than Michael Scott… or, I mean, Wayne Gretzky. Whether it’s literally taking a shot or going out for that job you want, you’ll be missing out on your chance! (P.S. I do not condone taking every single shot presented to you!)


I Am Beyoncé Always

2.75 - 14.59

I am Beyonce always. Another Michael Scott sticker, because the man is basically my motivation for life. We all need to have this sort of self confidence, because let’s face it, we are all Beyoncé. Who runs the world? GIRLS! Why not have a sticker exclaiming how much of a queen you really are?


There you have it! 10 stickers you had no idea you needed until now. It was so difficult to choose between all the choices, but I think I narrowed it down to a great select few. You’re welcome.