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There are two types of students in this world, the ones who are nerdalicious aka school naturals and the ones who are not so good in school. The ones that are not so good in school lack motivation sometimes and other times they just do not have alternatives on how to achieve in school. Well don’t you fear Jasmine’s here. Below I will drop three of my tips that help me over achieve academically.

  • My number one rule is pretty school supplies help you perform better in school. I say this because as a personal testimony when I have pretty school supplies I always want to show them off, open them for no reason, organizational purposes, and the look simply makes me want to do the school work.
  • Rule Number Two is always get the work done immediately. I tend to do it as soon as it is assigned just so I won’t become overwhelmed or get behind. This means if an assignment was assigned today, it really should have been completed yesterday, but since that is impossible, the completion of it today was extremely necessary. By doing this I now have free time to put towards self-care or anything else that I truly desire.
  • The Last rule is try to find a purpose in the class. We as people tend to lack when things are not meaningful therefore our purpose should at least be taking positivity or a life skill from the course. For instance, a class I truly hated was Environmental Science. My exact thoughts were “why must I be educated on this when there are construction workers who knock down trees and don’t replant them, fishermen who overfish causing many populations to become endangered to extinct, and big trucks being driven where their smoke pollutes the air.” Instead of thinking this negatively along with the fact that Science is not my strong area, I found a purpose in the class which would be feeding my brain information that would not only improve my health, but my future children. I began to think this way during a lesson about BPA also known as Bisphenol A. I noticed the “BPA Free” sign on many products, but I never understood the true meaning until this particular lesson. BPA is a chemical that is transferred from many daily products of life such as plastic containers, plastic water bottles, baby bottles, and feminine products just to name a few, to the body. An example was provided that stated if you leave a bottle with BPA in the sun then the chemicals will go into your water. This helped me understand the purpose of BPA, the BPA free sign, and the process all in one.
Jasmine Rainer

Clayton State '22

You can find me on the writehers block Jasmine or J.Aliyah depending on who's asking Working until I no longer have to introduce myself
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