Why You Should Join Our Her Campus Team

I have been a Her Campus Co-correspondent for almost exactly two years now. It's scary to think how the time has gone by so quickly, but it's also amazing to see how the club has grown and changed just within a short amount of time.

With my tenure coming to a close at the end of the semester, and with club events starting to gain heat this time of year, I wanted to share my thoughts and reasons as to why you should join the Clark University Her Campus team.

  1. 1. Writing Experience

    I originally joined because I wanted to continue to have a chance to write as much as possible. I want to be an investigative journalist one day, and the opportunity to write is always helpful. Writing is practically most of my life at this point, and I really enjoy doing it with the Her Campus team.

  2. 2. And you can write about anything

    There's no limit to Her Campus's creativity. I've written more personal pieces like this to breaking news articles and everything in between like gifs to help you procrastinate and something about the newest celebrity couple. You get to chose. Not many news organizations or blogs or papers allow you to have that kind of freedom.

  3. 3. Get feedback

    My co-correspondent and I edit all of the articles before they are uploaded. I have added numerous commas, re-organized the format of articles, and re-written sentences to keep syntax structure in check. But this is how both the writer and myself grow. We help each other. It's hard to edit yourself.

  4. 4. You're part of a team

    There are over 100 people on our club's email list. These people are part of such a close club that comes together for events, weekly meetings, and simply to write articles. It's really great to feel the support of everyone around you.

  5. 5. You're part of a larger national organization

    This part still sometimes blows my mind - that there are people at colleges throughout the world that are doing the same work as I am for the same purpose of getting their writing out there because they love it. That's pretty amazing.

This is a great club, and I'm so happy that I've spent a large amount of time with it. I hope you join us this semester and that we can grow and write together!