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Wells, Maine: Spring Break

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Clark chapter.

The trip I needed…

For spring break I took a solo trip to Wells, Maine. I wanted to stay in New England, be by the beach and also be in a state or two away from Massachusetts. I heard many great recommendations about Maine beaches and quickly found a rental for 3 days.

The car ride to Wells allowed me to think about what I wanted to accomplish during the trip; serenity. The point of a vacation is to get your out of your everyday routine and escape into days of basically a different life. The apartment I stayed in was beautiful and right across the beach. This allowed for me to wake up to amazing sunrises and fall asleep to breathtaking sunsets. The location was perfect because I felt away from the busy side of the town but I was also 3 minutes away from the nearest CVS. I also went to the neighboring towns and beaches such as Kennebunkport, Biddeford, etc.

Mornings consisted of sitting on the boardwalk and looking out at the neverending breathtaking ocean in front of me. I could not help but just stare at the waves crashing underneath my feet and just smile. I tried my hardest to stay away from electronics but not restrict myself from communicating with loved ones. No electronics allowed me to fully enjoy my trip without focusing on showcasing every aspect of the vacation. With that being said, I could not help taking a couple of pictures of the beaches to keep for myself…and one for Snapchat (oops).

I highly recommend heading to the coastal beaches of Maine for a getaway if you get the chance to.  I am very blessed to have been able to take this trip just because I needed a “getaway”. I realize this is not a reality for many who wish they could escape their everyday life, I am grateful. This trip was made possible by hard work (my job) and stress (big shoutout to college).