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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Clark chapter.

Thrifting is not only good for the planet but also great for the community, your wallet, and wardrobe. I tend to get overwhelmed with the number of clothes and items on shelves in the store. Here are some tips to make sure you have a successful trip: 

Have some inspiration

The biggest mistake I have made before going out to thrift is not having a plan. If you want to have a successful trip you have to be inspired and know what you want. Look on Pinterest, Instagram, magazines, and other places you find inspiration. You will find clothes, decor, and designs you will want for your space. I like to take screenshots or save images of outfits I see to find similar pieces when shopping. I also use this same technique when looking for space decor. 

Give Yourself Time

You might want to clear your schedule for the day because you do not want to rush. It does get overwhelming to go through everything in the store but you have to stay motivated and stay positive. Visit a section in the store you normally do not. You might give up but the minute you walk away someone else might get what you could have gotten if you had spent another minute looking through the piles and racks. Plus if you are rushing you are more likely to have a negative attitude which is not helpful to anyone. 

Pay attention to tags and prices

Depending on what thrift store you go to, some of the stores have color tags and on certain days they have sales for different colors. If I know this and I am on a budget then I will stick to that one specific color or reconsider a piece in that color tag knowing it is 50% off that day. However, do not just buy random pieces (I am guilty), make sure you can see yourself wearing the clothing over and over again. 

Be prepared 

Come prepared in comfortable clothes for the long day ahead. There is no need to show up in heels and a gown, sweats will do, unless you prefer to dress up then do you! Also, come prepared emotionally and mentally. It can be frustrating at times when an hour has passed and you have not found anything, but you need to be prepared for the downside. Reflect, plan, and then come back again. 

Joy is a senior at Clark University majoring in Management on a data analytics and marketing track with a minor in Community Youth and Education Studies. She loves going on road trips and spending time with family and friends. She enjoys trying various cultural cuisines (Indian food is her favorite **Chicken saag with a side of naan please**) and has an obsession with going to Morocco.