Tips for How to Start the Semester off Strong

A new semester is a chance to reinvent yourself and start off on the right foot. Follow these tips to start the semester off strong. 

  1. 1. Make Healthy Choices

    Eat good, healthy foods which fuel your body and make sure to exercise. When you take care of your physical health, you have more energy and you're better able to dedicate time to your studies. 

  2. 2. Start your Relationship with your Roommate Off Right

    Set good boundaries and establish rules that work for both of you at the beginning of the semester, it's always easier to ease up during the semester, than have to set rules when stress levels are way higher. 

  3. 3. Plan Your Time Well

    You could use a bullet journal, an ap, or just an old fashioned planner. Block off time for studying, exercise, relaxing, clubs, and make sure to give yourself enough flexibility to be spontaneous every now and again. Even if you don't stick to your schedule, the exercise of writing it out can help you to see if you're over extending yourself or have room to take on something else. 

  4. 4. Use the Resources on Campus to Your Advantage

    Visit professors during office hours, stop by your career center, look into studying abroad, see what kind of support networks your university has. Remember, you're paying a lot of money to go here, you have a right to take advantage of the four years that you're hear. 

  5. 5. Try New Things

    Don't do things just because they're comfortable. You're allowed to reinvent yourself and explore. Who you were in high school, or even last semester, doesn't have to define you. Take classes outside of your major, go to club events for things you've never heard of, or try new food. It's college.