Things You Can Do In The Fall During COVID

It is fall, my favorite season, and if you are like you me, you are going to want to celebrate and enjoy the weather to the best of your ability. The problem? We're still in a pandemic. Here are some quick activities that you can still do while staying safe.

  1. 1. Apple Picking

    Wear your mask and grab your friends (that are in your social bubble) and go to an apple orchard. Many are making you sign up for time slots to ensure not too many people are there at once.

  2. 2. Hiking

    You can still hike! You probably won't be near too many people too if you find the perfect place. Just remember a mask!

  3. 3. Pumpkin Carving

    Bring the pumpkin home! This way you can then also bake the seeds and eat them as a snack. AND you'll be away from everyone. Safe. And. Fun.

  4. 4. Read Outside

    Grab your book and a blanket and find a nice patch of grass. You can spend hours alone while deep in a book.

  5. 5. Online Shopping

    Want those cute fall outfits? Maybe instead of going to a store you chose the alternative of ordering online, safely from the comfort of your home.