Strange Things about Stranger Things

*Disclaimer*: SPOILER ALERT!

Netflix finally released the second season for one of its most highly regarded shows, and, as any normal human would, have already finished all 9 episodes within the first 24 hours that it was released. Stranger Things has captured the attention of many for its admirable characters, a captivating storyline, and its cast that are charming both on an off screen. While watching the second season, however, I picked up on a few plot holes. Here is what I still have some questions about:

1. Will's connection to the shadow monster: This show can be confusing at times, but this rattled me the most. Partway through this season, Will becomes possessed by the so-called "Shadow Monster", and whenever the Shadow Monster or one of its extensions (the vines or Demagorgons) gets hurt, Will feels it too. They prove this by burning part of a vine in Will's presence, to find that he physically responds to the vine's pain. In earlier scenes, they show the scientists burning through the Upside Down, but for some reason Will doesn't feel that pain although they're claiming it's a part of him. What's the deal?!

2. Why Will? The entire storyline revolves around how Will was trapped in the Upside Down, how Will survived the Upside Down, and now how Will is possessed by the Shadow Monster. Let's take a step back. We know that the Shadow Monster is attracted to blood, but Will was not bleeding at the time that he was taken by it. So why did it specifically go after him?

3. Eleven's vocabulary. Every now and then, Eleven will get stuck on a word she doesn't understand during a conversation. This has occurred maybe 5 times throughout the entire show, but how did she learn all the other words she uses so fast? If someone were stuck in a lab their entire life with no social contact, wouldn't they have a bit more trouble picking up on a language that may as well be foreign to them?

4. Why isn't Will dead? Although I'm very glad he made it out alive, I'm still confused about why he survived, but Barb was immediately killed. RIP Barb. 

5. Eleven's guilt. Eleven wastes a lot of time feeling bad and apologizing for opening the portal in the first place, and this causes a lot of tension in Mike's friend group, and especially between him and Eleven. We later learn that the Shadow Monster is able to open portals on its own (i.e. the portals in the woods and below the pumpkin patches), so why did they put such a huge emphasis on Eleven being at fault for everything that happened?

6. Where is Will's dog? At the beginning of season 1, we're briefly introduced to the Byers' shaggy pet dog. However, he does not make a single appearance in season 2. All I can wonder is if he died, was also taken into the Upside Down, or ran away to escape all the crazy sh*t that was happening in his home. 

All these questions have me even more excited for season 3!