Senior Series: The Senior Collegiettes of Her Campus

As the semester comes to a close, so does Her Campus Clark’s annual Senior Series. This week, our spotlight is a little brighter, as we feature Her Campus’s very own seniors. Read on to hear these ladies’ advice for other collegiettes, plans for the future, and things they’ll miss most about Clark!

Kelly Rourke - Campus Co-Correspondent

What has been your favorite thing about going to school at Clark? Clark was actually my last choice when choosing where I would go to school and I ultimately came here for financial reasons. However, I learned quickly that Clark was actually the perfect place for me. I like that it is a small school and I think that the size allows for more opportunities than some other big schools do. I have really appreciated being able to get involved in so many things on campus, getting to know professors and becoming part of the Clark community over the past four years.

Ciara Kilian – Campus Co-Correspondent

What are your plans and aspirations for the future? My dream job is to be the press secretary for the UN Human Rights Council. Until I make that dream a reality, I would love to live abroad and work in a field where I can combine my passions – human rights advocacy and journalism.

Izzie Zoeckler

What advice would you give a Clark collegiette new to campus? I would tell them to pursue whatever they find interesting because although their interests may seem random they can lead to awesome opportunities, and help reveal what you are truly passionate about.

Haley Smith

What will you miss most about Clark? All of Clark’s little quirks hold a special place in my heart – Elephant Thursday, Freud, the squirrels, not knowing if things happening in the AC are real life or psych projects, seeing the bright escort lights from a mile away, Bagel Brunches… the list is long!

Savannah Sanford

What are you most looking forward to over summer break? Hiking! Marin County, California has endless hiking trails, and it’s really the main tourist attraction at home. You get exercise, can catch up with friends, get some sun, and see beautiful scenery. A hike or a run in the woods is a great, refreshing way to start your day and I can’t wait to have that accessible every day right outside my door. I also coach a lot of volleyball at home (indoor in the winter and beach in the summer), and so I am looking forward to coaching again and working with young players.

Arlynn Bear

How do you stay calm through finals season? I try to schedule all my work beforehand so I know my schedule ahead of time. I also find a time to work out and watch an episode of television to not get overwhelmed.

Jess Bond

What’s your favorite event you’ve ever been a part of? I love not only every event I do but also attending other programs and shows put on by Clarkies. Lately I've really been loving ROCU's Cafe nights (every other Wednesday!) because it's a great way to take a break mid-week and hang out with some of the best people at Clark. Overall I can say my favorite part of being so involved is the connections I've made. I really cherish all of my friends and groups here and would be so lost without them.

Best wishes to our graduating seniors – we'll miss you! HCXO