Senior Series: Joe Gouveia

This week we sat down with one of the seniors on the baseball team, Joe Gouveia!

Name: Joe Gouveia

Hometown: Nashua, New Hampshire

Major: Economics

Minor (if you have one): Management

Favorite Professor at Clark: Professor Murphy

Favorite Class at Clark: Econometrics

Favorite Spot to Study on Campus and Why: The private study rooms on the fourth floor of the library. I like the study rooms because it is really quiet and secluded so that I can get my work done​.

Favorite Bistro Snack: Chicken tenders

What has been your favorite thing about going to school at Clark? My favorite thing about Clark is the people that I have met throughout my four years here. Clark has an outstanding student body that creates a great environment for our school.

What will you miss most about Clark? I am going to miss the amount of resources that Clark provides to the students to make sure that we are academically meeting our individual goals. I am also going to miss playing baseball and being a part of a team that will run through a brick wall for one another.

What clubs and activities were you involved with on campus? Other than baseball I was granted the opportunity to be the treasurer of the Student Advisory Athletic Committee, a board member on the Senior Leadership Committee, a member of the Athletic Board, and a member of the Clark University Trading and Investing Society.

What are your best words of wisdom for underclassmen? College is what you make it, get involved, meet new people, and find a system that will help guide you through your academic career.

What are your plans post-graduation? Yikes... That's a loaded question that I have 2 months to figure out.

Thanks, Joe!

*All photos retrieved from personal Facebook pages*