Secret Santa Gift Ideas

As the end of the semester draws near, and the stress of finals is hitting us, another stress lingers over all of us... the dreaded Secret Santa gift swap.  Secret Santa can be really fun, especially when you get your best friend, however, occasionally, it becomes harder than your Chemistry final.  If you're struggling to find a Secret Santa gift that's perfect, but under budget, look no further.  We've got you covered!

Mug and Candy

This is a classic gift that will keep you under budget!  Buy a cute mug anywhere from Target to Starbucks and fill it with some sweets.  It's cute, tasty, and easy.

Gift Card 

Gift cards often get a bad reputations, but they're great gifts.  Check out Acoustic Java or other local shops and restaurants so when your gift-receiver returns to campus, they can get themselves a welcome back latte!


Cute socks are so fun and very in right now!  Whether you buy a pair of cozy fuzzy socks or fun, patterned boot socks, you cannot go wrong with this gift.

Computer Stickers

As you've probably noticed, all of our laptops are plastered in stickers.  There are so many computer sites now where you can buy, or even make, computer stickers.  This is a fun gift, especially for the girl that likes to get creative.

DIY Advent Calendar

This can get pricey, but a DIY Advent Calendar is a great gift, especially for a close friend.  Reward her with tiny gifts and surprises daily!


Baking sweet treats to give to your assigned person is a great idea!  Whether you make homemade cookies or bake some Pillsbury sugar cookies, it's the gift everyone can enjoy!

Make your own jar

DIY jar gifts have become very popular, you can even buy them now!  Whether it's a DIY sugar scrub or your favorite cookie mix, this is a fun gift for anyone to receive.

Hand lotion

The winter can be so drying on our hands.  Stop by Bath and Body Works and pick up a cute hand lotion or body butter in a fun holiday scent.

Nail polish

Nail polish is a little luxury that's so nice to get especially right before holiday and new year's parties!


Candles are a cheap and great gift!  Target has an amazing selection of seasonal candles at great prices.


This is another great gift for any beauty lover to receive as we enter festive, party season!

Polaroid camera film

This gift only works for someone that you know has a Polaroid camera of course!  If they do, they'll love the extra film.  


Worcester winters are cold!  This is a perfect, and practical gift, to keep any friend warm through the winter!

Happy shopping, collegiettes!