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Scary Movies to Watch This Halloween

What is Halloween except the perfect time to watch scary movies? Get together with some friends, some popcorn, and a safety blanket and enjoy these thrillers and horror movies. 

The Shining

Not to sound like your 50 year old uncle who talks about “classic” horror movies and how great they are, but I’m here to talk to you about this “classic” horror movie and how great it is. I had always known that The Shining was scary, but it was the first horror movie that I braved myself. Normally I cannot stand to watch anything scary without at least ten other people in the room, but I was able to make it through The Shining all by myself at only eighteen years old (though I kind of wish someone had been there to hold my hand). Your uncle is right, The Shining is a real classic, and it doesn’t rely on cheap costumes or (too many) gory, fake looking special effects to creep you out. What makes this movie really good is that it relies on suspense, and allows the audience to feel the tension growing deeper throughout the movie until you’re almost panicking yourself during the final big scene.

It and It Chapter 2

I had to include both It and It Chapter 2 because they’re both really great in my opinion. If you’re not scared of clowns, then you might not think that the It movie franchise will be that scary to you. However, there are a lot of other frightening scenes and tons of jump scares (if that’s your thing). It and It Chapter Two are also both really funny, which makes it the perfect double feature for a chill, laid-back Halloween movie night.

Get Out

I wouldn’t immediately describe Get Out as an ideal Halloween movie, but if creepy clowns and cabin fever don’t interest you, I would highly recommend watching Get Out this week to get a different kind chills. Jordan Peele’s hit 2017 horror film about a young black man discovering some dark secrets when visiting his new white girlfriend’s family is frightening in a completely new way compared to other movies of the genre.

A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place isn’t necessarily scary in the same ways as other movies on this list, but it’s still super eerie and will definitely freak you out just a little. Written and directed by John Kraskinski starring himself and his amazingly talented wife Emily Blunt, A Quiet Place creates a world in which making any sound at all can have you killed by mysterious monsters that lurk in the woods. I really enjoyed A Quiet Place, and I recommend adding it to your Halloween movie list.

Silence of the Lambs

Ever since I can remember, everyone in my family has been a huge fan of Jodie Foster, so it’s surprising that I hadn’t seen Silence of the Lambs until this past summer. Jodie Foster plays Clarice Starling, an FBI student who is tasked with interviewing the infamous Dr. Hannibal Lector, a cannibalistic murderer in prison. The movie is pretty scary (and pretty disgusting in some parts, so if you choose to watch it be prepared!) and Jodie Foster does an amazing job as always.


I don’t even know where to begin with Midsommar. When I saw it in theaters, what I was expecting was just some slightly-creepy movie about a cult with a pretty scenery. I cannot describe how much more the really is than that. I saw it in theaters twice because it was so good and I’m seeing the “director’s cut” on Halloween night because it was that good. I saved Ari Aster’s (the director) two movies for last because they are my favorite horror/thriller movies of all time. I can’t say too much about Midsommar without giving anything away, but please trust me that by the end you’ll feel just as astounded as I did.


About ten minutes into this movie I grabbed onto my boyfriend’s hand and I didn’t let go until the end credits. I’m not a horror movie expert, but Hereditary was the scariest movie I have ever seen. It is so unsettling and creepy in a way that makes it the best there is. Like Midsommar, I can’t say too much without giving away spoilers, but just know that nothing is the way it seems. I recommend watching Hereditary and Midsommar together to look for parallels or other similarities between the two. Just be prepared for some pretty disturbing scenes in both films.

Make sure to let your roommates know that you’re sleeping with the lights on this week after watching these movies. 

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