Review: Extra Refreshers

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Sold at Walmart, Extra Gum's Extra Refreshers are tiny with a big punch, definitely worth the buy and definitely worth the money.

Extra Gum is meant to spark a meaningful connection. With one small piece, you can get so much in return. It has a great amount of taste, and it will allow you to continue with your day without being conscious of how your breath smells. 

In three different flavors (spearmint, tropical mist, and polar ice), I prefer spearmint. It's the perfect amount of mint to make you feel fresh and ready to go. 

The gum comes in square shaped, but it doesn't have a hard outter shell like most gums shaped that way. It is soft still, like the sticks of gum we've all known before. It works and feels right in the mouth.

The gum is perfect for sharing size too! The containers it comes in makes it easy to pour out one, two, three pieces to share with friends. You can all have fresh breath now!