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Netflix Series For Your Next Binge

With all the time we’re spending inside, a good old Netflix binge is the perfect use of time. I’ll get to my assignments another time… 

If you’ve seen all the latest shows like Tiger King and Love is Blind and need something different, here’s a list of excellent shows you might have not seen before but are worth the binge. 



A thrilling crime show about a good villain. You’re going to get super attached to all the characters and the plot will take you for some crazy loops. It’s creepy and it’s gory, but absolutely amazing. Set in Miami, you get to see the beautiful city with its Cuban influence. You may have heard that the ending of Dexter was met with split reviews, but it doesn’t change how amazing of a show it was. You’ll find yourself unexpectedly rooting for Dexter and against the Miami police department. That’s how good it is.


Another older show, this one is hilariously great. You watch Nancy Botwin, a rich suburban mom become a drug dealer and slowly sink deeper and deeper into the line of work. Her crazy, carefree stoner brother in law Andy helps Nancy in the business along with the city’s councilman Doug- both amazing characters that’ll throw you into fits of laughter. You’ll have the best time watching a rich suburban neighborhood turn into a drug dealers den. Also, Clark alumni Alexander Gould stars as Nancy’s son shane!

Criminal Minds

I love crime shows. Law and Order SVU is my absolute favorite show and I’ve seen every single episode made so far. However, because I can only rewatch it so many times I moved on to Criminal Minds. While I felt like I was betraying Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the cast of Criminal Minds. Each episode is entirely different and keeps you on your toes. And who doesn’t love Matthew Grey Gubler? 


This is a Spanish series so you’ll have to turn on the captions and brush up on what you learned in your two years of Spanish. The best way to describe this show is Gossip Girl with murder. The show follows a group of rich kids attending an elite private school when a group of not so rich kids are allowed into the school on scholarship. The scholarship came after their old public school collapsed, creating much of the scandal in season one. The characters live a crazy life of extravagance but have to figure out who they can trust when their friend Marina is murdered. The third season was just released in March, so happy bingeing. 

Money Heist

This is another Spanish series, but do not turn on the dubbed version. It will not be as pleasant to watch, I promise. With many of the same actors from Elite, the show boasts an amazing cast. A group of “criminals” with code names of famous cities (Nairobi, Denver, Rio, etc.) takes people hostage in the Bank of Spain. The Professor is the leader of this heist, planning each and every step- constantly ahead of law enforcement. Somehow, the group becomes a heroic political symbol to the people of Spain. It’s worth the watch, and you will be completely sucked in.

Olga is a senior at Clark University studying psychology and marketing. She's got a serious coffee addiction and a passion for writing.
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