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Muji: The Store That Has Everything

I am not a person who enjoys shopping for hours. If I go to the mall, I end up spending six hours shopping for clothes because I avoid it so much that it builds up to be a whole day event. By the end of it, I am exhausted, defeated, and in need of a foot massage. 

However, there is one store that I would gladly spend hours in, and it is Muji. I am constantly surprised how many people haven’t heard about or been to this store. Most people who know it, know it for its stationary supplies. I mean, the pens are incredible, and so are the notebooks, but there are many more things to love from Muji. 

First of all, the ambiance of the store is really pleasant. The lighting isn’t harsh, the music is calming (almost like a spa), and they often have diffusers running because they sell those as well. This creates a nice smell and a delicate white noise effect. I was gifted a diffuser from Muji, and it is one of my most prized possessions. In fact, it’s running as I write this article (No really, it is). 

Some of my favorite things to get from Muji are…


I have found my favorite moisturizer so far from the sensitive skincare line at Muji. They also have a mild, acne, natural, and aging skincare line. I highly recommend trying their skincare because it’s pretty affordable. 

Travel Accessories:

My favorite travel bags are the ones I got from Muji. They have all different sizes and types so that everyone can find what they’re looking for. Looking at the Muji travel products, I always see something I never knew I needed. Not to mention their travel product containers, that they sell in various sizes and forms; squeeze tubes, pump bottles, foam pump bottles, spray bottles. You’ll never have to buy a travel size product again if you just transfer whatever it is into one of these. 


Of course, I have to mention stationary. I love their sticky notes, colored pens, notebooks, erasers. This section is an organizer’s dream. 

Some honorable mentions:

Muji sells a few organizational objects like trays/bins that you can put on shelves or in drawers. They also sell drawers themselves. I’ve purchased magnetic clear picture frames where you sandwich the photo between the two halves, and they also have large thin ones for posters as well. 

It would be impossible for me to mention everything they have, from furniture, to dishware, to clothing, so check out www.muji.us/store/ to see more, and I also encourage actually visiting their store if possible because the experience is nice and I have seen things in person that aren’t on the website. 

STUDENT DISCOUNT!! Perhaps the most exciting thing about Muji is that it is one of the few stores that offers a student discount (10%) if you sign up with StudentBeans.

I am a first-year at Clark University and am undecided on a major. The only plans I currently have are to travel (and one day get a dog).
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