How to Avoid Getting Into a Second Semester Slump

Let’s face it; second semester can be really hard. You just came back from almost a month off of school and it was most likely filled with holiday festivities, seeing friends, relaxing and eating lots of food (or was that last one just me…?). It can be seriously tough to return to school and get back into the swing of going to classes, attending club meetings and much more. If you’re wondering how you’re going to make it through the next 15 weeks before summer break, here are some tips to help you along!

1. Mark down exciting dates and events in your calendar or planner.

            Whenever you start a new semester, it's helpful to go through your planner and mark down when all of the breaks, days off and exciting events are. This helps to put the semester into perspective and gives you physical reminders of things to look forward to. It’s always nice to turn the page of your planner and see a note that says “Start of Spring Break!” on the next page!

2. Plan a getaway.

            One of the worst things about spring semester is that it actually takes place in the dead of winter. With all of the 15-degree days and slush on the ground, it can be hard to get enthusiastic about trudging around from class to class day in and day out. Planning a getaway is a great way to lift your spirits! A Spring Break trip to a warm place is always a great option, but if that isn’t budget friendly for you consider planning a weekend away instead. Spending a weekend skiing with friends or exploring a neighboring state will still give you a nice change of pace that won’t break the bank.

3. Start thinking about summer plans.

            Looking out your window at a pile of snow pretty much puts you in the least summery mood possible. However, it can be exciting to start dreaming of summer days and planning out your must-do activities for the season. Whether it’s starting your internship or job search early, or researching new beaches to take day trips to, you’ll be in a sunny state of mind in no time!

4. Try out a new experience in the city.

            We all have our favorite spots to hang out in Worcester, but it’s always refreshing and exciting to try something new! Check out a new restaurant this weekend or browse through some shops you’ve never gone into before. You might find a new favorite that will keep you coming back for the rest of the semester.  

5. Spruce up your space.

            If you’re in a slump, a fresh setup could be the perfect way to perk yourself back up again. Consider finding and framing some cute prints to brighten up your walls or rearrange your living area for a change of pace. You’ll find that the slightest changes and updates can give your space new life and put a smile on your face!

What are some of your foolproof ways of avoiding a second semester slump, Collegiettes?