Graduation Wish List

With graduation right around the corner, it’s always good to have a few items on your wish list. Chances are when you invite your guests they’ll ask for some gift ideas, so don’t get caught without an answer! Sometimes it feels funny telling friends and family what you’d like to be gifted, but remember, your supporters want to show their love and pride for you on a landmark day in your life! Follow HC Clark’s guide for the perfect gifts for graduates.

1. Pearls: Pearls are a timeless gift and the perfect way to commemorate special occasions like your college graduation. What I love about pearls is that they always seem to carry stories. Whenever my Mom puts on a string, she can tell you whether they’re were gifted to her for graduation, her engagement, or another significant event. Not to mention they never go out of style!

2. Furniture: For those Clark collegiettes who aren’t staying on for a 5th year program, chances are you’re starting to think about your first real apartment. Asking parents or close relatives to help you fund your furnishings can be great in lieu of a graduation gift. Even having just one or two pieces of furniture that haven’t been handed down from older siblings or purchased at thrift stores can make a huge difference in a small apartment.

3. Luggage: Most collegiettes have dreams of travelling post-grad, and if that dream is your reality luggage is a great item to put on your wish list. Luggage sets are really an investment that you’ll get years of use out of, so make sure you put some thought into both style and utility.

4. Monogrammed Linens: You know you’re really ‘adulting’ when you have quality linens. Whether it’s new sheets, or Turkish bath towels, good linens can add a bit of luxury to a recent grad’s life. Want to make it even more personal? Add a monogram for a finishing touch!

5. Work Bag: This gift is an essential for the recent grad. Whether you’re still going on interviews or if you’ve already landed a job, gone are the days of the backpack! A quality work bag or purse finishes an outfit and brings your look into the ‘grown-up’ category. Picking out your choice bag and sending along the link makes grad shopping easy for your gifter!

6. Watch: I gifted my sister a watch for her graduation and she wears it almost every day to work. A watch is a great graduation gift, and above all else signifies a transition into adulthood. What other gift could a grad receive that she’ll wear nearly every day and keep forever? The only question is silver or gold?

7. Framed Degree: I don’t know about you, but I’ve worked hard for my degree and I want to see it hanging on my wall every day! Having your degree famed is a great way to show off your accomplishments and take pride in all that you’ve done the past four years. Not only will your new office be complete, but your degree will also be safe and sound.

8. Business Card Holder: We’ve all heard time and again that it’s all about networking. A business card holder will turn eyes and impress when you offer your card. This is something that you might not think you need but will come in handy as you move into a more professional stage of your life. It’s also a smaller item and great for gifters who you may not be the closest to.

9. Personalized Stationary: You’ll need something to write all your thank you notes to your gifters on, so personalized stationary is the perfect gift. Is there anything more adult than personalized stationary? We don’t think so!

All of these gifts will be things you'll use for years to come and your friends and family will be happy to know they gifted you something you love on such an important occasion. Congrats, collegiettes!