Five Thoughts You Have While Fostering a Puppy

So, I woke up one finals week morning to a picture of a puppy and a text from my mother that read, "Don't get attached." Long story short, we had a foster puppy and when I got home for the summer, I had some thoughts. 

  1. 1. He's so smol

    But his feet are so big. Holy Cow, he could eat a whole cow. 

  2. 2. SNUGGLES

    I could die happy with a puppy in my lap. 

  3. 3. OW

    My dog is a good, anxious boy who never bit people. This foster puppy chews everything, including me. 

  4. 4. So. much. energy.

    He's hyper all night and keeps me up (he screams, not cries, screams if we try to crate him. The neighbors complained), so then I take naps during the day but then he sleeps during the day and is hyper all night. 

  5. 5. He's adopted!

    Oh my god, I am going to cry so much. He's going to cry. We're all going to need therapy. His forever home better love him more than life. He's so soft. 

Wish me luck y'all; he's getting picked up soon.