Finals Week Tips and Tricks

We finally made it to finals week!  While for some this is a relaxed week with only a couple of easy assignments, for others, it's a week of in class exams and daunting capstone papers.  If you're facing the latter don't worry!  You will make it through the week!  Check out these tips and tricks to get through finals week in the most painless way possible.

1. Don't Sleep In

This seems counterintuitive.  Classes are finally over so you can suddenly sleep-in until 11 AM or even 12 PM!  Unfortunately, that's not the best idea.  Waking up early, or just at a reasonable time, allows you to maximize your day.  You can get work done so you're not left cramming into the late hours of the evening.  If you wake up at 9 AM, eat a nice, warm breakfast and really work on your assignments or studying, after dinner you can take some time for yourself.

2. Don't Waste the Reading Days

This tip is very closely related to tip number 1!  We get Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday and Sunday completely exam free.  While this seems like the perfect opportunity to tuck in with a good Netflix show and some tea, do not go down this road.  While it is important to treat yourself during finals week, the entire day can't be a treat!  You're better off spreading out your work over the week instead of cramming on one or two days.  Plus, don't take our reading day weekend for granted, a lot of schools have exams on the weekends too!

3. You Need to Eat Food

I've already started seeing the Facebook posts about people not eating for an entire day because they were working on assignments.  No matter how busy you are do take the time to swap at the Bistro or grab something from the cafe to go.  Even if you just buy a sandwich at Jazzman's at least you're eating.  You're body needs fuel to run at its peak levels of efficiency.  You can't expect to work your hardest and perform your best without eating.

4. Ignore Your Friends

This isn't as bad as it sounds.  I have been sucked into study with my friends far too many times.  At this point, I know it never works.  It always turns into a two hour hang out session where no one has accomplished anything.  If you know that "studying" with your friends really means hanging out with notebooks open, don't do it.  Tell them you'll see them in the evening when you're done with your work.  There's no sense in creating additional distractions for yourself.

5. Sleep Is Key

While a 24 hour study/ work session may seem like a great idea, it's not.  Just like food, your body needs sleep to run at it's peak efficiency.  During finals week especially I try to get into bed at a more reasonable hour.  When I go to sleep earlier than normal, it's easier to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to get my work done.

I'm not going to lie, staying on top of everything during finals week is hard.  However, try to follow these tips to stay as healthy and efficient as possible.  You can relax during the winter break, right?

Happy studying, collegiettes