Favorite Fall Nail Polish

I love fall.  Fall fashion, weather, lipsticks, you name it, I love it.  One of the easiest accessories to make any outfit feel like fall is nail polish!  I have accumulated a lot of nail polish, but I often find myself using the same colors for fall.  Read on to find out about my favorite colors and even some money saving tips!

1. China Glaze- 1303 Stoked to be Soaked

In the spirit of Halloween, I thought we would start here.  I love China Glaze nail polish in general.  I think it goes on really nicely with a beautiful finish.  This color is the perfect Halloween pumpkin orange in my opinion.  I don't always love brighter colors like this one, but I do find myself reaching for it as Halloween draws near.

2. OPI- A Woman's Prague-ative


You may notice this is the color I have on my nails in these pictures.  This is great if you're someone like me, who doesn't love traditional brights for holidays.  The glittering burnt orange makes me feel seasonal, while still staying true to my style.  I think it looks beautiful after Halloween as well.  It's definitely a shade that I carry over into late fall.  It always reminds me of campfires and falling leaves.

3. China Glaze- 544 Liquid Leather

I am someone who has always loved black nail polish.  I know people tend to break it out for Halloween, then forget about it, but I love black nail polish for fall and winter.  This black polish is great because it's very opaque so I don't waste a ton of polish getting the look I want.

4. OPI- Schnapps Out of It!

This is another perfect fall color in my book.  This brick red incorporates all of the colors we love for fall, hints of orange, red, and brown all blended together.  When I don't want to go with a bold red or orange look, I reach for this subdued color.

5. ZOYA- Emilia

I was always afraid of brown nail polish before I found this color.  Now, I love it.  ZOYA's formula is amazing and this color is perfect.  I love it for the fall and winter.  It's a beautiful brown color.  It's light enough that you can really see the richness in the shade.  Again, this is more of a subdued tone for fall.

6. OPI- Live and Let Die

This shade is a dark aquamarine color with hints of gold glitter throughout.  This is one of the bolder colors I break out for the fall.  One the nail, the color is so dark it almost looks black and the gold glitter makes it looks so dreamy.  It's a nice cool, dark, almost spooky color, but I find the gold warms it up for fall.  When I get tired of wearing tones of red, I reach for this.

7. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure- Olive Branch

This olive green is another shade I reach for to break out of the reds.  The foresty olive green is very on trend for the fall.  It fits the tone of the season, while still being a uniquely non-traditional color.  I also love the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure formula.  This stuff lasts so long!

8.  Any maroon

This color came in a gift set and doesn't have a name on it.  It's a very deep maroon color which is one of my favorites for fall.  I used to love Essie's Wicked and defintiely recomend checking that shade out.  I loved mine so much, I used all of it, which I think we all know rarely happens with nail polish.  Maroon is a beautiful color to bring out for fall.

9. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure- Haute Chocolate

Whenever I wear this, I am told it is the perfect fall shade.  The warm tone of the polish makes it the perfect brown-red shade for fall.  Plus the hint of shimmer adds and extra special glitter to an otherwise subtle color.  I wear this one a lot during the fall.

Money Saving Tips!

You may have noticed a lot of the colors I shared are from expensive nail polish brands,  OPI, Essie, and China Glaze all retail for almost $10 each!  I'm sorry, I don't care how much I like the formula, I am not spending $10 on nail polish.  I have found that Ulta and Ocean State Job Lot sells these brands for a fraction of the price.  Ocean State always sells them at a more reasonable price.  At Ulta, check the clearance section.  I have gotten OPI nail polishes for .99 cents at Ulta before!  Also, check for sales and coupons.  My mom always clips coupons for nail polish and then when she sees brands marked down, she usues her coupon and gets them for free or almost free!  There are definitelt ways to buy the products you love without break the bank!

I hope you enjoyed my nail polish favorites!