Everything that is Wrong with Hocus Pocus

This Thursday, the ladies of Her Campus Clark got together for a movie night.  To get into the Halloween spirit we thought Hocus Pocus would be the perfect film; I mean come on, it's a cult classic.  As we watched, some for the first time, we noticed a lot of things that make no sense!  We love this movie, but there are some serious plot flaws.

1. When Max rides his bike literally over the river and through the woods and is stopped, why doesn't he put up a fight?  Maybe he's timid, but then he spends the whole movie fighting three evil witches so... 

2. After Allison blatantly rejects Max, and then Dani brings up his thoughts on her "yabbos" why the heck does she run off with him?  What are you doing Allison?  These are some mixed signals.  

3. How the heck does Dani know what a virgin is?  When I was about her age and saw this movie for the first time, I thought virgin meant "non-believer."  Also, why the heck do we continue to bring up the fact that Max is a virgin a million times through this Disney movie??

4. How does Winifred know max said "it's just a bunch of Hocus Pocus"?  She was still dead and didn't even know who lit the candle when she returned.  


5. When Max and Dani see Allison's house, why do they just walk in?  There's no signs or lights encouraging anyone to just waltz in?  Are things different in LA as compared to Salem?

6. Why is Winifred even sticking with her sisters?  They are clearly below her level of wit.  If she wasn't stuck with them, I bet she could have sucked all the lives out of the children of Salem. Also, how do Mary and Sarah not know that Winifred low-key hates them?

7. The witches version of "I Put a Spell on You" is incredible, but riddle me this... how do they know the words to this song?  They have been dead for 300 years, right down to the day, yet know this song and have intricate dance moves... that's some magic.

8. Allison is sleeping with Max (literally sleeping) after one minute of knowing him like they're an old married couple.  Where are her parents???  They are not at the townhall dancing with all the other parents.  If my parents couldn't find me at that hour, let me tell you, the witch would be back, and there would be hell to pay.

9. How can they touch ghosts?  When Binx's soul is released from his cat body, he's a human ghost yet he can touch Dani?  I  know, every other movie with ghosts shows a very different interaction  

10. Binx!  Why can't he talk until the witches come back to life?? Seems like a convinent way to make the plot work for them but it really doesn't make sense.

There are many other plot points that make no sense: the witches light on fire but don't die, the electricity at the abandoned museum, the fact that the spell didn't work on Allison, Dani, and Max even though they could hear through their hands, and the fact that they didn't run AS SOON AS the museum started shaking... but we still love this movie.

Happy Halloween, collegiettes!