The Egg That Broke Instagram

A picture of a brown egg is now the most popular image on Instagram, breaking Kylie Jenner's previous record.

Created 13 days ago, @world_record_egg was purely made to beat "the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million)!"

And it did just that, with currently over 47 million likes.


With. Just. One. Photo.

"If I were them, my next post would be an ad," said Darren Lachtman, who sold his social media talent agency called Niche to Twitter in 2015. "They hit the lottery and they got a billboard in Times Square for free on Instagram. What are they going to do with it?"

Lachtman thinks the account could make as much as $250,000 to run a single ad to all of its followers.

The account's owner is still anonymous.