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The Do’s and Don’ts of Halloween at Clark

Want to make the most out of Halloweekend at Clark? We’ve compiled a list of do’s and don’ts that will ensure your weekend is as spooky and fun as you want it to be!

Do: have a thoughtful and creative costume.

Don't: have a stereotypical or offensive costume.

Clarkies love when things have a deeper meaning or message. This includes Halloween costumes. Opt for an outfit that shows you’re cultured and stay away from the Playboy Bunny/Sexy Cat/Cute Nurse costumes. 

Do: eat all the candy you want because you will burn off the calories dancing (read: sweating) at a party where the temperature is far too hot.

Don’t: expect to preserve your costume and come back looking as nice as you when you left.

Your costume will get completely trashed so don’t be surprised when this happens. Skip the fancy costume from Halloween Outlet and head to Savers to find something that will do the job but not be a huge loss once it gets ruined. 

Do: take a picture with Freud.

Don’t: expect to see any less than 5 people dressed up as him.

Freud is kind of our claim to fame here at Clark. He’s that celebrity that EVERYONE wants to take a picture with, so just do it. Chances are someone will throw a costume on him, too, making the photo even better. 

Do: take the Halloween themed cupcakes from the Cafe just for the plastic spider ring on top.

Don’t: expect the Halloween themed food to be any better/different than the normal Cafe food.

Just because it’s decorated differently doesn’t mean it tastes any better. The spider ring is hard to resist though, so give in to the themed food and do some extra cardio next week to make up for it. 

Do: check out all fun things happening on campus.

Don’t: miss out on the fun!

There are tons of activities going on this weekend in celebration of Halloween, so don’t miss out! If you’re looking to have a low-key weekend, check out 5 Ways to Have a Fun, Party-Free Halloween. Most importantly, have a great Halloween and be safe!

Kelly is a student at Clark University pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Cultural Studies and Communications with a minor in Business Management. When Kelly is not in class, you can find her working in the Education Department at The Hanover Theatre, teaching Zumba classes and dancing her heart out with Clark University's Dance Society. Her favorite color is pink (especially Her Campus pink!) and she loves everything monogrammed. Kelly enjoys spending time with her friends, family, boyfriend, and two adorable cats. Kelly is thrilled to be a new Campus Correspondent alongside one of her best friends, Ciara Kilian. Follow along with her on Instagram and Twitter @kellrour HCXO!
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