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DIY Tees for Spree Day

Let’s face it; Spree Day is more than just a day off from classes. It is also a fashion show. If you’re like me then you’ve been thinking about your Spree Day outfit for weeks now. Since it has been raining/snowing so much, it’s hard to think of the weather possibly being warm on Spree Day. The shorts or leggings question has been looming and still has no answer. However, I do know one thing: I’ll be wearing a DIY tee to show off my unique style on Spree Day! Here are a few I’ve been looking at that are so easy you don’t have to be crafty to complete them. And if you don’t want to make them for Spree Day, turn the free shirt you get at registration into one of these! (We all know they usually only have XL left at the end…)

Watermark Tee – I like this one because you can put anything you want on it to make it yours. Try out a favorite lyric, “Spree Day 2016”, your squad’s name, your last name, a floral design, anything you want! Maybe even a nautical quote based on this year’s Spree Day theme: “Lost at Spree.”

Oversized Crop Vest – This option is great because I like to have my shirts large and baggy, not tight fitting. This shirt would have been great on Spree Day last year because it was so hot out and with the added heat from running around and rock climbing, not having my shirt stick to me would have been an added bonus. Plus, put this over a bathing suit and you’re all clear for the Jell-o wrestling. I would tie a huge bow on the back of this one to show off my own personal style!

Cutout Top – I love this shirt because you can take any shirt out of your drawer and create this edgy look. This shirt is perfect for Spree Day because all you have to do is cut some holes out and your shirt has a different style than everyone else’s. I also love to showcase my shoulders so this shirt is perfect. The wing design below is another great style with simple cut outs that can show off those back muscles we all strive for.

Macramé Racer Back Shirt – This shirt is great because, like the crop tank, it leaves plenty of room to move while also looking stunning. The intricate back is a perfect way to showcase individual style and a flirty personality. This shirt would also be ideal if you wanted to stick on some glitter tattoos or henna.

Bleached-Out Tee – This shirt is works well if you want to put any sort of design imaginable on your shirt. Throw an anchor, life-preserver or boat on this shirt, spray some bleach and you are automatically in theme for “Lost at Spree.” Plus, it is super easy to print out a clip-art boat and spray around it. This design is super edgy and fun!

Knots On Knots Tee – This shirt is again super easy and all you really need is scissors. I love this because it’s intricate and looks like it takes a lot of time and creativity but is really simple to make. I would add some colorful beads between each layer to pop in some color. You also can pick if it’s a crop top or long tee-dress based on how big the shirt is.

What will you be wearing on Spree Day, collegiettes?

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