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Anyone who has been to a home décor store recently has seen a huge spike in the number of monograms on the shelves. The styles range from simple wooden letters to more intricate ones with flowers on them. Unfortunately though, as with any trend, these monograms aren’t cheap and cost anywhere from twenty to fifty dollars—a hefty price to pay for a piece that is going to simply hang on a wall.

With that said, here is an inexpensive and easy tutorial for a flower monogram that you can make on your own. Not only is it simple to create, but all the products can be purchased from Michael’s or another local craft store. The best part? The entire project costs about fifteen dollars to make! It’s definitely a more affordable way to add decoration to a dull space.

What You Need:

  • Wooden letter-The one used here is painted but it can be a regular wooden one as well-Fake flowers of your choosing (though the total number necessary is dependent on the size of the letter, make sure have at least between 10 and 15)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors


  1. Set up your hot glue gun and give it time to heat up. While waiting, separate the stems from the fake flowers. No need to cut them, simply pull them apart! You should be left with a pile of flower petals resembling the photo below.
  1. Optional: If you choose to do so, cut the nub of the leftover stem where it was separated from the flower. However short you cut it is a matter of personal preference.Note: The closer to the flower you cut, the closer you can glue it to the letter.
  2. Layout where you want to place your flowers on the letter. This makes the gluing process easier as you already know where everything will go. It also ensures your letter will turn out the way you want it to!
  3. Using your hot glue gun, place some glue on the back of a flower and position it where you want it placed on your letter. Continue until completed and the entire letter is covered with flowers.
  4. You’re done! Let the letter dry completely before hanging it up on a wall. It shouldn’t take too long; half an hour to forty-five minutes should be enough time.  

There you have it—your own monogram! It’s the perfect wall decoration for any room or dorm and is an easy way to add color to a dark space.

If you are not a fan of flowers, you can make monogram gluing other items on the letter as well. One idea that would be a fun way to turn this into a fall decoration would be to glue leaves on the letter instead of flowers. It is an easy method to add a great touch of fall to a space!

Ciara is a student at Clark studying Political Science as well as Cultural Studies & Communication. She spends her time running around between classes, working at both the Campus Store and Annie's Clark Brunch and trying to figure out what to do with her life after she graduates this May. When Ciara is not juggling her busy schedule, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, binge-watching Netflix (specifically The Office) and reminiscing her semester abroad in Ireland. Her favorite color is green and her guilty pleasure TV shows are The Bachelor and Dance Moms. Ciara is thrilled to be a Campus Correspondent alongside one of her best friends, Kelly Rourke! Be sure to follow her daily shenanigans via Twitter and Instagram @ckils23 HCxo
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