A Day in the Life of a Commuter

“Oh, it must be nice being able living at home!”. Well… yes, but no. Students, like myself, may decide to commute to college if they’re in a reasonable radius of their campus and want to save money. Although we have the luxuries of sleeping in our own beds and ranting to our moms, sometimes being a commuter can be a pain!

A day on campus with a commuter looks a little like this:

  • Waking up: Sadly, there’s no rolling out of bed 10 minutes before an 8am for me. Most of the time, I stay in bed the longest that I possibly can, slide into an outfit and I’m out the door. It’s rare that I wear makeup and do my hair during the week. Just so you know, on those rare days, precious sleep is sacrificed. I always try to leave at least 25 minutes before the time my class is scheduled to start. Some days I have an even earlier departure time if I know I have to get gas or run an errand or two. What about breakfast? I've never heard of her.
  • The dreaded morning commute: Morning traffic is a pain but I’ve learned to accept the craziness. The only time that it is unbearable is if I’m running LATE. By 10 minutes, 5 or even  2, it makes a difference! Suddenly you regret spending the extra 2 seconds you spent putting on your earrings, the 30 seconds you spent switching your shoe choice and the 2 minute decision of toasting a bagel for the road because you are now STRESSED. So, everything suddenly aggravates you. The obnoxious talk show host on the radio, the school busses, the pedestrians, detours, construction, EVERYTHING.
  • Finding parking: Parking at Clark is nothing to complain about but when somebody takes “my” spot, I'm thinking "this dude...".
  • The dreaded wait between classes: Ah, so you've made it through my classes with a breeze… oh wait, you have one more in two hours. I typically head over to Jazzman's and grab a coffee and attempt to be productive in the library. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't; especially when my body is screaming for a nap. Energy levels are definitely something I struggle with the most, as I don’t have a dorm to get some shut eye between classes.
  • Hunger is real: Was that a baby lion growling? Nope, just my stomach. Coffee and a granola bar can only get a girl half way through the day. Sometimes, I leave campus, grab a bite and come back. Other times, my stingy side comes into play and I don't want to waste gas to leave and come back, so I seek out alternatives. Thankfully there are plenty of restaurants and cafes in walking distance. I don’t need a meal plan, but if I had one, I would definitely use it to my advantage.
  • Finessing free food: If there’s some kind of event with free food, I am THERE. Also, having friends who are sweet enough to guest swipe you into the dining hall comes in clutch. You guys are the real MVPs.
  • "Should I stay or should I go?": When classes for the day are done, I always ask myself if I should leave or hang out for a bit. If I have a club meeting, plans with on campus friends, want to study in the library or want to stay for a cool event happening in the evening, I will usually stay. If I don’t have any obligations later on, I AM RUNNING TO MY CAR.
  • When the annoying, misfortune happens: Whether it rains unexpectedly and you didn’t bring a jacket, you’re hungry again and forgot snacks, you left an important book at home, or my personal favorite, when you leave your phone or laptop charger at home.

  • When exhaustion hits you like a brick and you regret not going home earlier: 

  • When you finally leave and have to walk to the parking lot in the dark: It’s a lonely walk, but I’m always comforted by the thought of someone following me.
  • Getting home & immediately showering, putting on comfy clothes and... sadly, you still have some last minute studying to do.
  • Checking Snapchat: While doing homework, you check Snapchat and peep all your friends on campus doing random, rambunctious stuff and feel left out. Dance parties and Chinese food at 1AM without me?!
  • When it’s finally time to sleep & you appreciate your alone time for some rest & relaxation: Though it can be crazy at times, being a commuter has its perks. You’re never homesick, don’t have to wear flip flops in the shower, and get to light as many candles as you want.